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  1. I'm pretty much speachless at this point. so all I have to say is..................

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  2. Oh and..

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  3. My mom loves the DMB, but I personally dont like his music. Im more into like The Mars Volta, The Red Light Sting, Mae, Im A Robot, The Blood Brothers, Coheed & Cambria, etc. But thats cool man, toke some dank up before the show and have a good time!
  4. Lucky bastard. I need a job so I can start going to concerts again.
  5. Oh, I'll be gettin wasted before the concert and blazin nonstop through it. I'm bringing a cigarette-look-alike twistie cuz it's an outdoor concert.... hell yeah!!

  6. This May I'm going to D.C's annual concert called HFStival. That place rocks, it's outdoor and if security finds you smoking bud, they just confiscate it, instead of busting your ass.
  7. Cool, I'm making fake tickets using your numbers right now...
  8. lol
  9. DMB is hte best band out there right now amazing in concert have fun
  10. i hate dave matthews band with a passion
  11. Way ta go man! I got tickets to the DMB show in Noblesville, IN on 6/21 and also to the show in Columbus, OH on 6/24. Dave shows are some of the greatest live concerts IMHO.

  12. Dude, I'm going to the Columbus show too but on the 23rd! NICE!!


  13. me too
  14. lol my friends sn is DMB sucks a lot
  15. FUCK YEAH IM GOING TO SEE PERFECT CIRCLE AND MARS VOLTA on the 10th of april only 2 fucking weekends away i cant wait omfgomfogmofmg i need to buy shrooms and much bud for this event for sure omg i cant wait its going to be such a trip any perfect and mars fans out there?! hahahah niiice salem armory :) moshing nice ahha
  16. I'm gonna see Dave and Friends at Bonnaroo June 11-13, WOOO! Have fun at the show, man.

  17. I live in Columbus... see ya there maybe? I'll be there for sure!

  18. Small world! :D I'll shoot ya a pm when the show gets closer, maybe we can meet up and :smoking: one!
  19. I moved to music hall.
  20. 1) to all who say dave sucks thats fine its your own opinion but you can still kiss my ass

    2) dave is amazing especially any song with tim reynolds

    3) dave is touring with guster this year which to those who haven't heard of them a few of their songs like demons or great escape or mona lisa and you will understand

    4) if you live in california and are going to the dave concert i envy you cuz ben harper and guster and that would be a kick ass place to be high

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