Discussion in 'General' started by damncrazylegs, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. lookin to start playing the djembe cause they are dank, fun as hell to play ripped, twisted, or sober, sageman has some sick shit. any word on chill gear or advice on what to look for would be much appreciated. thanks gc
  2. the fuck is a djembe?? :smoke:
  3. I had to google it to find out it was a hand drum.
  4. oh shit i love those things

    next time im in santa cruz im totally picking one of those up
  5. yea its the awesome soundin one featured in almost every stoners band repertoire such as bob marley and his whole damn family and the fuckin dead, man
  6. like the "ratalatat tatat" thing in subime songs and stuff

    I have a pair of bongos but they don't sound like one of those.

    still fun to play with when high.. playing guitar kills my high... uses al your energy
  7. You have to know how to play those sort of drums before they sound good.

    I played the fuck out of them when I was in percussion class at school.

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