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djarum black little cigar's

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by klbadd, May 16, 2010.

  1. do they still crackle as they burn?
  2. My friends and I agree that they taste like christmas as well!lmfao that's funny

    Good shit
  3. I also love them but only the original clove- the cherry ones ARE like nasty cough syrup. I only have one on occasion so a pack lasts ages and I usually give away as many as I smoke. If you have a car check out prices at different places you go that have cigs. Around here it varries a lot. The place in the center of town charges $7 to $8 for them but 5 min down the road at the border of the next town this tiny shop sells them for only $4.50. Not everyplace has them though. The smell is very nostalgic for me -thats why I finally smoked one like a year and a half ago when I saw this girl I know smoking them.
  4. im pretty sure they are god gift to earth lol. Although idk about all of you but if i smoke more than a couple in a day (i smoke cigs normally), they fuck my lungs up. I smoke a pack a day and 3 of these fuckers is worse for me personally than a whole pack of cigs
  5. whoa, holy hell... on nightme and my group of like 5-6 close friends were at a dope ass party in the mountains. we were away from the main party smoking some djarum's, and i drunkenly declared "ths shit tastes like christmas!!" we all agreed, it made me lol to hear all you blades sayig the same thing.... oh and if you live near an indian reservation, they sell they original ones for cheap cause theyre still a soveriegn nation :smoke:
  6. I highly recommend not smoking them or smoking them rarely. The clove component has a numbing effect on your gag reflex so you can't regulate the amount of smoke going into your lungs. I knew someone who was a Marlboro Red smoker who smoked a pack of cloves and wound up waking up one morning coughing up blood.
  7. Coincidentally I just tried these for the first time this weekend. I smoke regular cigarettes so it was a bit weird. But I enjoyed them.
  8. funny I was gonna make a thread about are they still available as "cigars"? what are they called
  9. You shouldn't inhale them they way you do a cigarette or a joint.

    They are just called Djarum Black. The box is black, size of a cig pack and the A in Black is a red triangle...near the bottom it says filtered cigars.
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    you're supposed to inhale thats why they're filtered.

    damn it I wish I could get some of the originals.
  11. I hate clove cigs.
  12. Op No there not expensive,, like $5 ish a pack round these parts.

    I like to smoke them on occasion, smoked one at the park today actually it was BEAUITFUL OUT :D
  13. they are actually very good to smoke it the park/woods if there are bugs it keeps them away
  14. Never tried a Djarum but I do occasionally smoke a shitty gas station cigarillo (not what you people refer to blunts as but an actual cigarillo). Bullseyes or Colts. I know they fuck up my lungs bad but they're so damn tasty when I'm stoned.
  15. When I was a teen I tried 1 puff off a clove cigarette. I promised myself that I would never do that again for as long as I live. Worse, much worse than tobacco mixed with resin and seeds. And the smell!!! Girls will stab you in the neck cause you reek so bad.
  16. I smoked them some in the 90s when i was metal goth or whatever...they're pretty gross
  17. they're cheap where i live 3 something a pack, I like clove cigarettes so i grab a pack every once in awhile lol i like how they sort of pop when they burn 
  18. Djarums are lung cancer haha i love them tho they crackle too aha i like Winstons reds tho
  19. Djarums were introduced to me around the same time as weed, and by the same people. At my college we could easily pick out our social circle by the cigarettes that they smoked. We all smoked cloves of some sort. This was in the 90s, of course.
    I thought that they had gone away, but I guess that they just changed the wording on the package from cigarette to cigar.
    I picked up a pack of Djarum Specials today at 7-Eleven for $5.69 for nostalgia's sake. I'm on a T-Break right now so when I have the urge to toke I'm smoking one. That being said, cigarettes are bad... mmmkay...

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