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  1. Djarns cigs are being banned federally wtf??
    I dont understand why this is, they are just flavored clover cigs and they taste delicious. Fuk you government!:p
    If anyone can explain or knows further information please reply in thread lol
  2. They're called Djarum Blacks, and they're clove cigarettes, not clover lol

    Yes, there's a federal ban on flavored cigarettes. There are various ways some of these companies are looking to get around it though, like marketing them as cigars (which will probably mean changing the size of them).
  3. you are absolutely right. i got a pack of the new cigars. they are thicker like a reggular cig or filtered cigar and they dont have a falvorful tip anymore.
  4. that really sucks. i smoke djarum blacks and i really dont want to switch to a cigar. this is obviously a ploy to send smokers to the ciggarette companies that pay the most to the government.

    and what about menthol ciggarettes? isnt that a flavored cig? will they be banned as well?

  5. Yea they're probably gonna make them shaped more like a black n mild now.
  6. The government can suck my dick, I'll do what the fuck I want.
  7. I will still order Djarums online, and if Uncle Sam has a problem with that, oh well.
    I see more kids smoking Marlboros and Camels because they're cheaper. Djarum are more expensive (at least where I live), and I don't know many kids that got started on them.
    I started on Camel Lights. These flavored cigarettes don't make kids smoke.
    They help us of legal age to smoke flavor our blunts.
  8. Welcome to big government. Thanks everyone that voted Obama! :(
  9. Next time vote for small government conservatives for federal office.

    As long as we vote for big-government types for federal office they will continue to impose their big-government will on us. Start voting exclusively for states-rights candidates and pro-MJ candidates.

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