Django Unchained

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  1. So, I'm a huge Quentin Tarantino fan. I've been waiting for this movie to come out for about two years. I've read through the script and have been hyped about this for some time. A lot of people complain about the N words usage, but I think that's just stupid. The racism has a purpose in the film and is realistic. Can't fucking wait to watch this on Christmas Day.

    So far, the movie has gotten nearly perfect ratings from the critics, so I'm confident it will be a great film.

    What do you guys think?

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  2. Oh yeah I'm super excited.
    As for the N word - I think QT simply wanted to keep things realistic and stay true to that time period.
  3. Anything by QT is a must see for me.
    Pulp fiction, jackie brown, true romance, everything! I just ordered the QT box set!
  4. At first I was disappointed of Inglorious Basterds, but after I watched it a couple times, it became one of my favs. This one looks like it might be his best yet (the reviews I've seen seem to suggest that).
  5. Cant wait.. Watched this is 40 was pretty funny
  6. im sure theres a litte more to it lol why would he be the guy in pulp fiction saying "dead ****** storage" lol
  7. Wouldn't it be even weirder if he made a film with no "niqqer" in it? I think so.

    Btw, this original song for the movie is kinda dope:
    [ame=]Rick Ross[/ame]
  8. QT is a genius.

    Idk about the N word, but I read in a review in the Chicago Sun Times that the reason it is used in the film, over 110 times, is to show the obscenity and seriousness of the word. And how it was really used back then.
    Maybe people will think twice when they say it to their homies or friends or use it in rap songs. Thats somewhat the intention of using it in the flick so much.

    But as we know, nothing will change. People will see the movie and just think: Niqqa please! That shit was hilarious!

    I really hope no idiot Black rights activist makes a fuzz about it. Because the first place they should look at is the black community. They are the ones responsible for spreadin the word.

    I myself am not against it. I love black people and grew up with many of them. My homies, my ni ggaz. I just hate when they be actin all offended about it.

    Cant wait for this flick.
  9. He got jamie fox so its ok to say it that much
  10. Hahaha yeah
    And I think Samuel L jackson plays a sell-out slave who mistreats his fellow slaves

  11. The first time I saw IB I thought it was too long and too pretentious. But after watching it a few times, I love it!
    Looking forward to watching this next week! I am more curious to see Leonardo as a villain instead of his usual sullen good guy.
  12. i wish he could of got don cheadle for this shit

    jamie foxx is a good a actor its just hard to look past all comedy he's done sometimes
  13. Yeah, that was my exact reaction. The trailers fooled me into thinking it'd be more action so I was confused.

    And one thing I like about Quentin, is he doesn't always like to teach lessons. Like his movies are for entertainment, not to send a deep message. I like directors that can just tell a story and entertain. I could give a fuck how many times a movie uses the N word or any other word as long as it's entertaining.

    Ever seen Ray? I think he can be serious, I mean, he's not like Jim Carey or Will Farrell silly.
  14. Yea jamie foxx was good in law abiding citizen as serious and redemption was good too
  15. J foxx is an artist. I like how he takes his acting seriously. He can do serious or funny. Did u guys see the Cheloist? I think thats the name. Or is it the Violinist? I dont remember. But he plays a skizofrenic homeless talented violin player and Robert Downey Jr tries to rescue him. Its a great flick.

    I'll give Will Ferrel his props too. He's done some good movies. Does anyone remember whats the name of a movie where he is living the story of a book? Kinda like the Truman show. I cant remember the name!!!
  16. Yes! I think his best performance was in the Violinist. He can definitely do serious roles good.
  17. This movie was badass! I smoked some of the finest Jack Herer with a couple of pals before watching this, and it was a great experience. The action scenes were fucking badass, and the time period this movie was set in was nailed perfectly. Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson and of course Christopher Waltz were all awesome! The thing about this movie is that it added humour, seriousness, and badassery all in to one kick-ass story. A must watch when high.
  18. Yea caught it yesterday also good movie
  19. Movie was amazing, I saw it last night.
    Honestly I don't think the N word use is bad. In fact I know black people who say they're rather hear the N word than some euphemism
  20. Im black and can say the n word isnt badly used. Its how it was then... Alot better then using dude or guy or man

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