Django or The Hobbit

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  1. If you had a chance to go see either Django or The Hobbit 3d which would you choose?
    i want to go to a movie later but cant decide which one. Is the new 3d technology they used in The Hobbit cool?
  2. Neither cause i dont like sitting in a theatre for 3 hrs
  3. You will probably go home feeling more normal if you see the hobbit instead of django.
  4. I seen The Hobbit in Imax 3d a few days ago an it' s definitely worth it. Django would be just fine on a small screen but the Hobbit is visually stunning and 3d tech is pretty awesome. Go see the Hobbit.
  5. Both were great films, but I prefer The Hobbit. Great flick to watch high.
  6. I loved them both, and I couldn't choose a favorite between them.

    If you want to be entertained by a story and special effects, go see The Hobbit. If you want to be entertained by satire and colorful violence, go see Django.

    Either way, you're not going to be disappointed.
  7. Thank you all for taking the time to respond! I seriously considered all of the responses, even the guy who said neither one lol! I dont usually like long movies either but i got a gift card to the theater for christmas and those were the only two movies i want to see. I still plan to see Django, but i ended up seeing the hobbit it was awesome! I figured its been in theaters longer than Django and i wanted to make sure to see it while they still had it and in 3d. Im also excited to see more movies in HFR 3d i thought it was pretty smooth. Thanks again guys!
  8. I don't want to see The Hobbit too badly yet because I don't want to be left waiting a year for the next one.

    So I saw Django Unchained, and I thought it was great. Some good Tarantino-style comedy, and Samuel L Jackson being a funny slave and using a funny voice ("Oh, Jesus, please let me kill this *****!")
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  9. django.. hobbit wasnt great django was great
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  10. Django. I have the Hobbit on my cpu and haven't watched it through because the beginning bored me to death.
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  11. The Hobbit.... for sure....
  12. The Hobbit.

    Django looks sick but seeing Erebor, Goblintown, the Shire, New Zealand in general etc on the big screen is too good an offer to pass down.
  13. I wanna go see Django, have no desire for the Hobbit whatsoever
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    Django, by far. I have no interest in Tolkien (I've tried to watch LOTR five or six times and, every time, have fallen asleep ~30 minutes in).
  15. The Hobbit, no fuckin questions.

    Bilbos the boss
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  16. django fucking awesome movie QT FTW! or you can pay $12 to see a bunch of midgets and an old dude walk through the bush
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  17. The hobbit. Have both of them downloaded, but the hobbit is more my thing
  18. Both are awesome but they are very different movies. If I had to go see one again it would be Django.
  19. The Hobbit was majestic in 3D, there were a few moments where I actually had to lean back in my seat, in a state of pure awe.

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