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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Tiesto power mix[/ame]

  2. nice man!

    to bad tiestos most recent stuff is seriously lacking. it sucks
  3. Im starting to think the Music Hall is frequented by only rap/hip hop lovers.
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    Yea i sometimes i think the same thing. Youd be surprised though, love is spread to the good threads, just rap is "popular" thus its discussed more..
  5. I know I'm probably going to be hated on for this, and let me start off by saying that this is simply MY opinion. But I think this guy is totally overrated. He has some cool songs, but 42 million views for this? I liked his older stuff, and this song is definitely cool.... but I still think he's overrated.

    Edit: And before somebody says this, I'm not a huge rap/hip-hop fan either. Some of the kinds of music I like wouldn't get much attention here.
  6. Hey you're entitled to you opinion. This thread is about him so say what you want :)
  7. Tiesto has some pretty wicked stuff out there...but I still find myself missing DJ AM.
  8. I was front row in chi-town...shook his hand after!! so legit
  9. He used to be good. He sold out though :/ still enjoy the 2003 Tiesto though. I have some of his ISOS albums in my old comp.

  10. I'm a trance lover and i fucking hate tiesto.
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  11. I second this.
  12. youre killing me :smoke:
  13. :confused:

    This shit is awesome
  14. lol, no i love tiesto...its just you and i have some fuzz from that ling chi shit but some of your posts i really dig....:smoke:
  15. i liked him for a lil until i started listenin to hardstyle, hardcore, and dubstep, buttt hes got a few chill ass tunes that i still got on the comp

    [ame=]YouTube - Dj Tiësto - Elements Of Life FULL SONG (HQ)[/ame]
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    what exactly does he spin?

    i always thought he was trance but now hes spinning like electro house or sumthing? i think my friends are actually in NYC right now waiting for a Tiesto set at Webster Hall

    he comes to my town in april but no way im going, this club is asking for 50-75$ for tickets...FUCK april im already going to a MiMOSA show, a Jack Beats show, 2 Bassnectar shows (one with EOTO) all in april...cant afford to go to tiesto even tho im sure it would be a sick show
  17. fuck man think ima try an hit up that mimosa show and rusko when he coems to philly already got my nectar ticket and i might see reso next month...fuck im gonna be broke for awhile.

  18. id love to see reso...are u going to that massive in baltimore? i know he plays there

    im most pumped for jack beats tho...he spins like the dirtiest house ever and def plays dubstep going all out for that show even tho its in a tiny basement of a club

    i feel that tho dude, i have no job for a couple months and with all these shows im going to im gonna be so broke its not even funny...i think what im gonna do is ask my boy who sells me all the good drugs to give me a tab and let me pay him back in the summer, he knows im good for it

    i wanna see shpongle in early may and 12th planet a couple days later but idk if those are possible
  19. I enjoy certain songs by tiesto a lot, especially the stuff listed in this thread haha. When I first heard adagio for strings I was hooked. Gonna play some of his songs at this dance I'm DJing for coming up definitely gonna play Traffic that shit is nuts.

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