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Dj-Short's F-13 , Vanilluna

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by skateskunked, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. hey blades , its been a minute since i posted any pickups on here , my other camera broke , and my new one sucks , its not new just different. well i finnaly met a fellow connoisseur who actually produces as well . these zips were 5 , i cant get the price any lower , it might take a while , but even for big stuff like a qp, it would be 2 gs , i think its a little pricey but everyone loves it , my friends all think its the bomb it is also kinda leafy , but it is all coverd in trichs. so i have no smoke report on is as i cant smoke yet , but heres some pictures of dj shorts f-13 (Flo x Blueberry) , and his Vanilluna (Blueberry Sativa x Blue Satellite) aka vanilla moon . enjoy the pics. last 3 pics are Vanilluna sorry i didnt take a pic when i had the zip beacuse i had no camera to use , its wat i stashed for myself for later tokin occasions.

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  2. beautiful when you get a chance please do a smoke report...
  3. 2 a quap! daaaaaaamn.
  4. Beautiful Buds u got there.
  5. can i geta bump bump
  6. Damn thats pricey but amazing. So leafy.
  7. so what are the 1/8ths going for??? beautiful nugs... but damn 5 a z.. thats ridiculous but hey gotta work with what you got.... still very bomb looking shit
  8. thanks dawg

    it is quiet leafy , hes very experienced , but from what ive seen so far im thinkin its the popcorn , but ive seen nugs of black domina , somango , haze , and amazin haze that were fuller , the f13 n luna are quiet airy , but its all good smells bangin cant wait to blaze it up
  9. nice weed bro
  10. nice bud dude but someone growing is charging you that much, i wouldnt pay those prices unless i knew they would be going down shortly
  11. he charges 75 n 8th all the way up to an ounce , and ozs are 5. but hopefully the prices go down .

    yeah man it blows , but im gettin by with it , all my peeps like it , best bud theyv seen . but im hoping they go down soon , his zips were 6 at one point when my boy was gettin um , but i never paid that much fuk that , he should go down soon. he got grow houses all ova the place , and they dont pay for themselves. its just business. and lets pray they go down
  12. That's just rediculous. I haven't seen that much purple since barney was around.;)
  13. smoke report , not by me but by my friends... they said the vanila moon was lung expanding , like when u hit it once u feel it all in ur lungs , and when u let out its like it left something there , like one hit ur high... the f-13 i seen my dudes smoke ls of it , not multiple at once but just a .8 fat blunt , and gets all 4-5 peeps supa high , very mellow and long lasting , like3-5 hours , but not too stoney , not a red eye smoke , just a nice clean head high.
  14. nice pickup dude, great strains. F-13 is some straight dank, i gotta see one flower but not finish out, sadly. it was quite purple though and smelt just like the purp, crazy pheno i guess. +rep dude!
  15. sick nasty!!! dj shorts genetics are some of the best around and ur getting grower quality. my hat off to u sir, and btw, i know people who pay more than 5/z and the quality is nowhere near what u have right there. maybe start to cultivate your own? anyway blade, sick!
  16. Nice pick-up...but honestly there should be a little bit of a price break for the quap, like 1500 not 2 thats just outragous
  17. Beautiful !

    I would definitely pay 75 for that.

  18. True that or 17 and a half or something.
    That's amazing weed brotha but not something I'd invest in. Guess you have the market. Enjoy homeboy. :smoking:
  19. thanks for all the comments , everyone i know is hype on it , and im sure like a few of you know what im dealing with .. good old dj short ,i always wanted to get my hands on some and now i found someone who knows wat to grow. he has other dj short strains im waitin to get my hands on . price is high , but what ya gonna do, its the highest quality around , im not at the point of my life yet were i can start growing , or i would be . i hate payin for weed , it grows why not grow it.

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