dj shorts blueberry or true blueberry

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  1. what one would you reccomend i only have money for one strain. i was also lookin at grape kush and flo
  2. What is True Blueberry? DJ Shorts is the breeder who created Blueberry, so his would be the TRUE Blueberry, anythng else would be a recreation of DJ Shorts.
  3. on they have blueberry and true blueberry from dj shorts
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    The Blueberry is the original Blueberry, a mostly Indica hybrid. The True Blueberry is more of a mix of Sativa/Indica. Eithe would be a good purchase IMHO b/c I have never grown a strain from DJ Shorts that disappointed me. So your selection falls on you; a heavy Indica high or a nice blend of both Sativa & Indica.
  5. If I were you I would snag a pack of Grape Krush as seeds of this strain are no longer being produced.
  6. thanks i did not know that, ill pick up them while they last and get some blueberry later
  7. His True BlueBerry is relative new version of his BlueBerry made by him self.
    Its picked the best Ind pheno and the best Sat pheno from old BlueBerry and made hybrid named True BlueBerry.

    Didnt grow true blueberry in my garden but many what I know said to True BlueBerry is way better than old version.
    Got one pack of True BlueBerry but I never germ any seeds of it.
  8. Jeez I dont know about that Grape Krush recommendation ? I mean it makes me nervous when someone is going to scrap a real good Line.
    ....anyway I'm so drawn to Bluberry stock (even after all these years)
    whatever you get 'Hands ..don't kill the males until you spread alittle on your small buds at very bottom of plant, THEN label your ladies and harvest the seeds later and
    REMEMBER to mark each little seed package with date, mama and daddy.
    Start being like a pro to grow like a pro..
  9. scrapping lines can't be helped. eventually strains just get tired and decline from genetic drift. then, the only way to save them is with a new injection of genetics.

    i wasn't really impressed with whatever blueberry i smoked once. it just had a sugary taste with a slight blueberry flavor and an uninspiring stoney buzz. shorts' more sativa leaning strains sound more interesting to me and i especially like grapey super cali haze better. it has a more cerebral buzz and i just like the taste of grapes better

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