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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by LBH, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone have any experience with this one?
  2. It is one of my personal top 10 all time favorite strains LBH. Very excellent choice of genetics if you plan to pursue a grow with this strain.

    It has very Sativa like characteristics. Flowers in the typical 50-60 day range of most indoor Sativa/Indica hybrids. I like this strain more for it's beauty than anything else, although it does pack a punch too. Fairly easy to grow, however I would say it is good for those that have a grow or 2 under their belt b/c in my experiences it was not very forgiving.

  3. Less

    You've seen my stuff since day 1, we seem to have similar tastes also. With that said, what would be a good intermediate strain I could try? I ordered some The Church from GHS this week but I think that's an easy one too. What is something somewhat exotic that I could use to bridge me to a Flo grow?
  4. Honestly, I think you will be fine with Flo myself. I lurk among the many grows on here and honestly feel you are getting it down. Yeah, The Church is an easy one, but a great one for getting your cloning down, it clones great. It is well known my feelings of GHS and Arjan & Franco, but honestly, I do look at GHS as being more legit than most.

    Give the Flo a run, it is a great strain to grow and I think you will enjoy it. Also, it is a good stable true line strain which you could make yourself some seed stock from, remember, you do not have to pollinate the whole plant to get seeds, just a bud or 2 will give you a nice supply of seeds for future grows.

  5. [ame=]YouTube - Outdoor Medical Grow 8-11-09[/ame]
  6. Yes, see, I said he was one of my top 10 breeders. Flo and Blueberry are the only 2 strains I ever grew by DJ short, both very excellent. I think more should grow true line genetics and get away from all these made up non bred feminised strains and BS auto-flowering strains.

  7. Mate , in that case definitively you must try Cocoa Kush ! But seriously must ....
  8. Excellent, Thanks guys.
  9. This was my first grow some years back which i chose after reading through thousands of strain descriptions.

    it was good but not enough to make me want it again. i didn't get the "motivational high" part. But it was well behaved and good quality

    that all said if i could go back in time i wouldn't have bought it. there's just too much out there i prefer for what i look for in a strain (low anxiety, hybrid, powerful yet functional, etc)

    currently i'm on ak47 but so far my fav of all time is pure Jamaican ganja.

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