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    Hey everyone going to be doing another outdoor grow this year. Im new here as I quit growing indoor and feel safer joining a MMJ forum now. Last year I grew himalaya gold and great white shark, both had mold problems but yeild was great.

    Anyways I purchased GHS white widow, DP durban poison, and dj short blueberry(expensive).

    I have gained alot of knowledge here concerning the WW (thanks oldpork and friends). And my cousin has grown the DP for years.

    But with dj shorts blueberry im having a real hard time obtaining information about it. The biggest question I have is about what time is ir ready for harvest outdoors. Im located in northern indiana if that helps. Finding the window of harvest for blueberry has taken many hours and hours looking into grow journals with no luck so if anyone has experience with this strain that would be great

    Thanks, boggieman.
  2. Now when growing outdoors I have always used fems with good success, but im going to be doing a cross of the best blueberry male with the strongest dp female, im going to try and make sure both structures are fairly similar, and of course use a dp female to ensure me seeds are mature.

    Still wondering about DJ shorts blueberry window of harvest outdoors, guess I will have to find out.
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    Hey Boggieman. A kentucky boy here. I guess you'll learn not to mention blueberry around me. Its my dream plant - the ultimate.

    I have a blueberry mother that makes me want to fall to my knees and thank the great ganja god that she has bestowed this wondorous plant upon little ol me! She isnt as potent as my sensi star, but after ive sucked down some of her tasty fruits, im so damn happy and the world is such a wonderful place i could just laugh and laugh!. If i werent so relaxed, i would get up and skip , dance and sing!! I could go on but you would think me obsessed with BB.(i am)

    Now, to try and help you. Ive grown out bb from DP and DJ, and a buddy grew them out side by side. My mother came from the DP fems.

    I dont want to offend anyone with my views, but i found DJ's original work(DP) to be superior to his newer creation using new genetics in a number of ways. First, both offerings displayed the characteristics us blueberry lovers have come to accept, which is a considerabe number of crinkled leaves and branch deformities, and of course a few manberries hanging around. The deformities do seem to be more prevalent in the DP version but usually if the plant is allowed to grow, it outgrows the deformities. My mom had terrible leaf deformity and some varigation, but her clones are spectacular and the smoke is so happy and fruity.

    Potency is less in the newer DJ work and it leans more to the sativa side of bb. Djs is more consitent in taste than the dp offering, but the finish date outdoors is 2 weeks longer. The leaf deformities and hermi tendencies are a bit less in Djs new offering than Dps'.

    The Dp BB fems are fully mature outdoors at 38N about Oct 10. The DJ BB finishes about 10 days later - the 20-25th Oct. I have given a buddy that lives and grows in upsate NJersey a cut of my bb mom and for him it finishes up around the 20th of Oct. Ten days later than me and probably similar for you. In comparison, ill bet the DJ offering would finish even later for you - NOv. 1

    Always look for the purple stems Boggieman. With Blueberry, all of the best pheno's will have purple stems even as seedlings . The very best phenos have darker purple striping in the stems. The plants can get huge outdoors. Mine generally reach 8' with those stiff, "stout" branches stretch like hell at flower. Ive had several 10 footers.

    Let me know if i can help. Ive grown many bb offerings. Joey's Bb is decent but leans to the sativa side of bb. Kannabia and medical seeds both have a decent bb fem, although the "original berry" from kannabia is suprisingly compact.

    Sorry to ramble, but you brought up the subject!
  4. Hey clodhopper thanks for the great info, I have been searching all over the net for this. Say everything you would like about blueberry, once I smoked this (from dj short I believe) I just like you became obessed with BB. So go ahead and say whatever you like. My growing season ends the end of october so I should be fine as far as that goes.

    My plan is to make a cross so im going with the dj short version for more stability as you mentoned, but I do want to try the dp version, maby ill order a couple beans and do both dj and dp. Thanks.
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    okiedokie! Another BB lover!

    If youre going to cross out the blueberrry then you defininately made the right choice to go with DJs. Dps seeds do offer a good mom in each pack and is a good place to look for more indica pheno's, but generally their bb is weak and unstable. Im not sure whats going on with their breeding of the plant, but inbreeding and other problems show up in their seeds. Theyre still worth it but stay away from them when breeding.

    How about some grow tips? Djs is much more sativa in structure and because of that, keep in mind her stretch which is considerable. She will have convulsions if her roots touch the pot at all. She wont like high temps and will have more male flowers if exposed to temps above about 94 degrees. Make sure the fertilizer bag is out of site because if she sees it, her leaves will curl. No ferts and if theyre absolutely required, leaf feed. Dont use a soil with much ferts in it. If you start BB in miracle grow or sta -green, 1/2 of the plants will burn up in the first week. Ive been using sunshine container mix with good results. If you have a nursery/greenhouse in your area, find out what soil they use to do all of their work and i bet they sell it also, but of course, you might already have a good indoor soil.

    Outdoors, the strain is hardy and does well and doesnt display any of the tendencies from inside. Pour the nutes to her outdoors and give her root space. It has good bug resisistance and decent disease resistance. Djs may be even more resistant since it leans a bit to the sativa side.
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    Now, blueberry crosses. My second love

    Boggieman, often blueberry crosses are better than straight blueberry in a number of ways. They are often more fruity, they can be sweeter and if the right plant is chosen, they can be even more euphoric in effect. Sometimes they finish earlier than straight bb, sometimes not.

    Bubbleberry was a favorite of mine for years and i had a mom, but an ice storm a few years ago left me without electric for 8 days and my girl met her maker. The narcotic/ euphoric effect that can be experienced with some bubblegum specimens(thseeds) combined with the soaring blueberry effect is grail material. Fruity sweet, with a red eyed giggly narcotic buzz. My favorite.

    The blue haze sold by Homegrown fantaseeds is some of the best weed ive ever smoked. The haze has really added some kick to the plant. It can be grown in your area with proper planning..

    Blue widow has been popular for years and is potent, but not my favorite. Although the Brothers grimm "sugar blossoms", which was a white plant they developed with good taste and is sold by Joey seeds, is a very good cross. In fact, joeys bb crosses are all stellar. His c99xbb is as potent as the blue haze but finishes late sept.,

    I want to cross blueberry with the PCK that Beanho is offering at HD. I ordered 10.

    What are you going to cross your blueberry with Boogieman? Who's going to be the male/female?
  7. Thanks clod sorry I havent replied earlier, I have no idea what what im going to cross with. The main goal is to create a few earlier bb hybrids, but i would like to keep the main trates of blueberry. It actually have 2 in mind, durban poison which is a great early sativa, and black domina which is my favorite knock out indica, im definately going to cross 2 similar bb phenos however for seed stock.

    Thanks for the tips, bb will be outdoors but not in my guerilla plot, these are going to be closer to home and will need to be shorter so im going to germ them around beginning of june, plan on using 10 gal pots for these so I can separate the males and collect pollen from what I considor the best male.

    Does the BB have more of a single dominant growth pattern with little sidebranching, or does it bush up? I wont be training these cause I want to observe what each pheno attributes. Also when exposed to low temps does it have more of the purple/blue hues? And does the smell/taste live up to expectations? Thanks clod I appreciate your input.
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    Boggieman, the mom i have has purple stripped, stout stems and outdoors untopped, she grows to 10' with huge, arching branches that rival towards the top of the plant and come sept, its really pretty hard to detect a topped plant from one that wasnt.,. Because i knew a guy that had long experience with BB, he taught me to ignore all plants that didnt have purple stems. As a result, i have limited knowledge of the differnet pheno's. There are usually at least a couple that have green stems, but ive not grown them out so.......

    Some of the BB knockoffs, such as Kannabia's original berry are shorter and squat, so there must be pheno's that arent big stretchers, but even withe BB crosses, i look for the purple stems. I also know that several major breeders that use BB to breed with, use the pheno's with purple stems and most of the descriptions say,.." height should be controlled". MY bb is a big girl and Djs "stout" description fits her perfectly. Her branches arent flexible - theyre stiff and dont bend. They are rigid and "stout". Her growth/ yield is due to her vigor. With bright sun and good soil its as vigorous as any cannabis plant ive ever grown. Ive also grown Blue Widow from 2 companies and Sugar Berry(BBXsugar blossoms) and both strains had the big stout purple stems that are BB's calling card, and both of those strains stretched to the sky-9'.

    When DJ says, "good yeilds under optimum conditions".... he left out that its because she is such a big vigourous girl!

    I hope that helps.

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