DJ Short, anyone ever attempted?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Tokinalex420, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has bought DJ short's seeds from Attitude or know of aplace that will send me legit DJ short seeds.. I know that Attitude had an issue of selling fake DJ short seeds, so what im looking for is any info on a legit site carrying this supply? Thanks !:smoking:
  2. too many people scared to try em after the attitude incedent:( plus they are always out of them
  3. I grew out few his strains bout ten years ago wasnt impressed.
  4. I havent ordered them myself but my bud got a ton of clones of his flo and blueberry. If the seeds are legit then your in for an amazing grow. Flo is unreal. But like i said these were clones and the only grow on grasscity that i know of (in outdoor journals) used clones also. I would say that attitude has the real thing as we speak i mean you could try seed boutiqe.
  5. seed boutique? hm never heard of it, i just sent in orders to Attitude and i think Single Seed centre. thanks for the replies guys.
  6. attitudes still good in my book.. i got DJ short blueberry for a big grow and we do seeds only and had a 100% germ rate of over 100 seeds and over 60% were female. they grew out better than the clones we had of blueberry from a cali club.
  7. is your best bet. Too much sketchy shit going down at attitude.
  8. Thanks guys, seems like seed boutique is alot cheaper too, do you know if they accept Pre paid visa cards? or even paypal?
  9. Go with boutique, i've grown out F-13, FLO, Cocoa Kush and Vaniluna....
    If you're into fine genetics they make other seed companys look like trash.
  10. Which would you say was the best of the strains you bought? i'm into these strains i've heard nothing but good about the smoke.. :smoking: thanks!
  11. F-13 while its out, hit me up in pm i'll give you more lineage information etc.
    I'd rather have my F-13 cut then the OG Kush fire cut anyday.

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