dj PAULY D!!!!!!

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  1. night of my life check it out this beat is sick especially when your with your bros drunk at the club!!

    [ame=]DJ Pauly D - Night Of My Life (feat. Dash) - YouTube[/ame]

  2. no...

    (no one break this combo ;))
  3. No. Nope... Nu-huh.
  4. i bet all you guys hating are just jealous of his mixing skills or you didnt even listen to the song
  5. lol no we are people who appreciate real music. Not talentless hacks who steal samples and compile them.
  6. oh i listened to it... sounded like a 7th grade girls slumber party.
  8. This sucks shit.

  9. scumbag can die in a fire for disrespecting the memory of NJ's Dj Pauly by attempting to spin under the same name.. First I hear of him being a wannabe Dj it was just Dj Pauly he was going under now I see a D was added to it.. wonder if people came at him over that shit, lotta people from the Nj and NYC scene had madd love for the real Dj Pauly.. RIP Pauly and fuck this wannabe Dj

  10. [​IMG]
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    This kid is a troll. He started the "McDonalds prank" thread over in General earlier to get a rise out of people.

    You and DJ Pauly D can both suck a wet fart out of my ass.

  12. bro are you really gonna hate on this night of my life track? if you knew how to party you would able to comprehend its enjoyability

  13. This.
  14. This song is flat as fuck. Not my style... but anything jersey shore isnt so maybe I'm bias.
  15. are people actually pressing play? lol
  16. That the dude from jersey shore?
  17. yes its dj pauly d. he was a small time dj at clubs before the show and after the show he started selling out big shows and concerts. forbes listed him as one of the top paid djs in 2012 at 11 million this year from dj-ing. its not a gimmick hes actually legit
  18. So who's the Pauly D that people are saying he's imitating?

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