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  1. ok so me, my friend , and another friend are all at another friends house. we just got back from joy riding and we get back and the one of the friends smoked like all of our weed so were really pist off and need some.. so all of the sudden this red car goes by and stops right in front of my friends house and we go out their to see what he wants and he asks if we want some sid or if we want some weed
    we're like ya man we need some wweeeeeed. and then hes like 'brb let me go get it' and we're waitin for him to come back. we assume that he goes to his house or something and gets it. so he comes back and he has a bag filled with some green 'STUFF'. my friend was the one makin the transfer so we couldnt see what was happening really. then my friend comes in side with a brick... so we are all happy now but kinda faulty about what just happened.. but were desperate. so then my friend actually gets under a light and the green.. is just grass .. normal lawn grass.... so my friend is like 'omfg omfg omfg.. and were like HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHA but then again at the same time awwwwww'. so now my friend is pist off and we have a .22 rifle loaded and were driving around again lookin for this guy but we coudlnt find him..... it was a nite to remeber..
  2. sounds like it, lmao sucks for your friend but i wouldve been laughing like crazy!
  3. hahahaa thats fucking funny! he diserves it for smoking your bud!

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