Dizzy from revaping already been vaped weed?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by thereeferist, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. I am currently out of weed and won't be able to hook any up until tomorrow so I revaped some shit I had already vaped yesterday and I ended up getting very dizzy and sick to my stomach. Has anyone else had this experience or was my illness unrelated to vaping the already been vaped weed? What do you think?
  2. I re-vape weed all the time.
    Never get dizzy or nauseous from it.
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    I have done it before too but I don't know why I got sick last night. All I really know is it sucked.
  4. Could've been a whitey from the sound of it.
  5. I too have re vaped ABV bud with no problems........i would tend to lean towards it being un-related......but who knows.
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  6. I’d make a fire cracker out of the vaped material.
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  7. So, how do you feel now? If you're sick though, get better. :laughing:
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  8. Yeah it's like smoking a bowl of asshole.
    No wonder you got sick.
    I'd eat it with some PB, you'll be off your tits trust
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  9. LOL Firecracker time. :weed:
  10. maybe you just breathed wrong and fucked up your inner ear ( equilibrium) .... eat some Ginger if you have some and try and readjust your inner uprightness
  11. I am a medical cannabis user and I think the reason I got dizzy was that I needed THC and there wasn't enough THC in the shit I had already vaped so I got sick because I didn't have the THC I needed. I bought some shit on Tuesday and all has been right with the world since then.
  12. I'll say it again if times are tough then make firecrackers and eat it. You'll be medicated in no time. I save mine and make butter for cookies ! Very easy to do, lots of videos and recipes out there. I can't throw out whats gonna get me medicated.
  13. I have had little success with edibles made from vaped bud. I was using it to make some extra hash oil when I was growing my own but now that I'm not doing that it doesn't seem like it's worth the bother and expense of buying Everclear.
  14. I'm really new. What's a firecracker?
  15. The "Firecracker" Is The Easiest Weed Edible You Will Ever Make
    Just google there are a ton of different options. You can even make them in the microwave:lmafoe:
    ! Just make sure your weeds decarbed. ABV works great as it's all ready decarboxylated.Mix it real good on the cracker with peanut butter and heat. Hard to fuck up. Helps to eat em on empty stomach. I would sprinkle 3 grams of abv on 1 cracker sheet with a bunch of old fashioned peanut butter. I sprinkle 1 tsp of lecithin helps increase the bioavailability of your weed) on top and cover then heat and eat. Really there's a bunch of different versions.
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