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  1. alright, my bro is 15 and he got caught with 3 grams of bud 2 sundays ago, and this tuesday he got caught at school with anohter gram. whats the worst that can happen to him, i hope he still smokes lol
  2. well it all depends on where u live and the laws there, i cant imagine him getting in too much trouble, hell prbly have to go through some drug class through the school, i know that happens at my HS, there shouldnt be anything extreme. at least i hope
  3. well we live near chicago ( il ) obviously is he going to get a fine or comm. service?

  4. look up your local laws.... granted he's a minor and penelty shouldn't be that bad....

    probation...community service most likely.....

    tell him to be more consicious in his decisions... getting in trouble isn't really a good thing.
  5. are you sure this was your brother not you.....cuz i alwasy thought when u were an only child u didnt have any brothers or sisters

    lol later

  6. no...u just must not of looked good nuff when u were at my house........lol'
  7. check norml.org and the laws for illinos ..i think sinceh es a minor he wont get itno ne trouble like juvie or nething serious

    probably just some cousneling and maybe a fine ..and a little slap on the wrist! :-o!! lol

    ahh what its like to be young.

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