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Dizziness and migraine from weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by raqulka, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    So I read all the other posts and topics, but I couldn't find anything. So here I go.
    I have been smoking on and off for a while and I had a longer break (for about one year) before I smoked on Friday.
    So I had a slight pressure headache for 5 days already and though weed would take it away so I smoked. Indeed it took it away and I fell asleep. After I woke up 45 minutes later, I got such a bad migraine like I'd never had before. It hurt from the left side, my temples and on the very top of my neck. I had to take Tramadol to relieve it. On Saturday and Sunday, I had an aftermath, which means my head was hurting from time to time which I have never experienced before. Weird thing was that on Saturday, my head started spinning (like I was drunk) and it still persist from time to time, also my headache. I have constant thirst as well (I did not drink enough or after smoking)

    So my questions are:
    1. Did something happen to me or is this normal? (I mean did I fuck up my brain now, went into "weed produced psychosis" or what-not?)
    2. Was the weed low quality/ sprayed? (I noticed that there were some stems in it, but no seeds)

    I'm writing it since I am really paranoid at this point and been thinking about it all days.
    Peace out,
  2. It could just be an underlined cause other then weed, I've also smoked on multiple occasions to relive my migraines and it will 90% of the time help to relive it, although there are times where it does not and so taking Advil or something similar would be required to relive the headache, could also be maybe you're coming down with a head-cold, or maybe a cold/sinus headache, or perhaps maybe it's just something different other then what I've mention, I'd say smoke again and see what it does, are you having the headache right now,? Or has it gone away and came back since the time you last smoked?, seeing as you had a headache prior to smoking it's most likely nothing to worry about.
  3. Bro you have nothing to worry about! weed induced psychosis is bullshit IMO but your over thinking it...I rember way back thinking the same thing after getting high all week I thought I was perma-fried lol you'll be fine brother it's obviously just a migraine but you can always see a doc

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  4. Thanks for the replies. It still sometimes hurts but not as much: it's coming like waves. Could be sinus to be honest since I feel this tickling feeling in my nose. I went to GP and he told me it might be because of it, but I doubt it as well. I have had chronic headaches for years and had a headache prior smoking last Friday.
  5. A sinus headache is most likely what is going on, take something for the sinuses and thing should return to normal within a few days.
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  6. Well yea. gonna go to the pharmacy. Doctor said that "it might be because of weed yes yes. " :D I doubt it. Thats what I meant before.
  7. Same here. It may be several causes, so youll have to walk by elimitation.
    1. Overweight - this is related to heart problems - do you have bad circulation? High blood pressure? Weed sometimes work as a vessel dilator, and just like viagra or cialis can produce headache if you’re not in shape
    2. Type of weed. Sativa (catpiss) is known for this
    3. Sedentary style of life. If you dont exercise, you’ll have blood pressure related problems. Put yourself in shape to make your body brake poor blood circulation
    4. Stress. Anxiety. This causes constipation, constipation is a serious condition
    5. Poor blood pumping from the heart. If you have erectile disfunction, cold feet, cramps, etc. Again exercise is the key
    5. The smoke. Always clean the pipe. Or vape. Co2 from carbon gives headaches and nausea
    6. Other medical condition. I.e. bad oxygenation. This can be measured by a lung doctor. After years of smoking isn’t rare to have lung damage.
    7. Dehydration
    8. Cocaine use. My highs changed with these bad other reactions since I had a coke night one day. Coke produces damage to coronary arteries and veins. Produces permanent damage and can kill from heart problems. It can permanently alter your blood pressure.

    I suggest 1. Go see a doctor, chest x rays, 2. Quit smoking and vape or dab, etc.
    3. Get in shape seriously, walk. Swim. Gym.

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