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Dizzank pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dankarific, Jan 19, 2010.

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    whats up GC my name is korey and im trying to identify this dank i got (and let people rate) the smell and taste is very tropical, its sticky icky and hairy as fack. i broke it up in my room and it made it smell for atleast 20 good minutes, me and my friend found this random girl and we talked alittle bit she seemed to know here weed and measurements so we asked if she had any good hookups which eventually led us to this chill dealer that lived close to us and we never knew lol.. anyways here are the pics.(click the link)


  2. nice lookin buds man. dont worry about a name, just enjoy it. no way some one can ID a strain by a picture, and most strain names are just bs.

    oh and welcome to the city
  3. looks like schwagg

    just kidding. nice pick up! how much did u get and for how much (no need to tell me if you don't want to)?
  4. we were originally waiting our regular dealer but ran into this rare gem. turns out we passed by his house all the time we got a $120 sac. first time buy
  5. for 7g?
  6. yea he threw in an extra g :smoking:
  7. No dude, when you buy in bulk your supposed to get free bud.
    Think of it like this:
    1.0 Grams = 20$
    3.5 Grams [Eighth] = 60$
    7.0 Grams [Quarter] = 100$

    atleast in my area.
  8. yeah.... you got ripped off, man. where do you live? even in cali, the prices for dank medical grade are like:

    $20 a g
    $50 an 1/8th
    $90 a 1/4th (7g)

    and so on.
  9. it was about 7-8 g for 120 but this was a first time buy im sure in the future he will hook us up
  10. it honestly wasn't that bad of a deal if your getting more than 7gs, I have paid 120$ for a quarter, but the quality was rediculous, and I'm pretty sure Texas has similar prices to MA from what I have seen.
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