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    Hello! first post here :wave:

    First off, I'm a grow novice and I want to do it right,

    Please look over the materials list and verify the list is on the right track?

    It will be the same as the link below just much smaller to suit inside a closet

    • 2 ft wide X 1.5 ft deep X 4ft 11 in. tall = 3 sq.ft. floor enough for 2 plants at 1.5 sq.ft. each. 40 watts per ft. = 120 watt bulb or 150 watt for better.

    • 6, 25 watt 1800 lumen GROWBRIGHT Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in 2700k and 6500k from $35.50 x 2 = $71.00 ~ 3600 lumens per sq.ft.? I read on the forums that lumens don't multiply with the amount of bulbs...

    • 25ft x 50" Panda plastic - $24.95

    • PVC pipe frame - home depot $30? includes T or X joints for stability at the top for light mounted drop cieling.

    • white or clear duct tape - home depot $10
    • GrowBright Pure Flow 4 Jr. Carbon Filter - $49.95
    • 2 pots 3 gallon - home depot $5.00
    • promix soil - home depot $8.00

    • 80 cfm inline fan. - 4" inline duct fan mounted on top of the tent with the carbon filter mounted outside of tent on top of the protruding fan duct.

    • eye hooks for drop ceiling lighting - home depot $.35

    • Westek Daily Segment Timer Power Strip - home depot $19.00

    • 10 in. occilating fan - $34.00

    • 1 tarp zipper - $8.00

    Total: $255 give or take.

    Some remaining questions I have:

    Will 80 cfm be enough power to create a negative pressure in the tent through a 4" carbon filter can with a 8 in. incoming air vent?

    What size pot should be used?

    Will smell be absolutely neutralized through a carbon filter, I don't want any clothes in the closet to smell?

    What kinds of nutrients are good for soil planting?

    Is 6 25w bulbs enough for 2 plants and or will the heat fry the plants with that much lighting if I have small oscillating fan stirring the air?

    Thanks for the help and expertise!! I've tried to do my homework as much as I can on my own :smoking:
    I'll post a photo log for construction results and growth when I've collected all the materials.
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    You'll be setting up your carbon filter backwards(if I read your post right)... Air flow should be Grow area->Filter->Fan->Exhaust... And 80 should be more than enough... I generally add 10 to 20 CFM for a carbon filter, I've never had a problem with it.... On a side note, to determine how much CFM your fan needs is as follows.... You need to change the air in a grow space 3 times every 5 minutes... In your case this is 45 because your space is 15 cubic feet... So 45 divided by 5 is 9 so you need 9 CFM for air flow.... But remember 3 times in 5 minutes is just for air flow for your plants, This doesn't take heat into consideration............. My point of all that was that you might want to consider investing in a fan controller as well, because 80 might just be too much

    I don't grow in soil, only have a few times, so I'm not too sure about pot size..... And I'd recommend you switch this setup to hydro... If you keep an eye on your PPM levels and Ph, you're golden... Plus you'll get through your seedling and vegetative faster.

    Yup, all smells get trapped in the filter as long as the carbon isn't saturated, you'll probably have it last long fairly long with only 2 plants.

    I only recommend Advanced Nutrients... Start out by just using the Grow Micro Bloom(GMB) for veg, then use GMB+Big Bud for flowering.... Advanced Nutrients are usually meant to be hydro, but I know they can be used for soil if you still choose to get smaller yields :p ;)...... Once you master that formula, they have many other great additives.

    That fan won't help fry the plants by moving air, it'll help them grow stronger stems and branches, and keep those ladies cool

    Also, after reading your post... I think you maybe confused about lighting... I never go by lumens , I never really understood it and everybody seems to say something different.... But anyways, a good way to measure light is by watts per square foot, for fluoros you generally want 50 watts per square foot, so with six lights at a total of 150 watts, you're bang on with your 3 square foot space

    P.S. I would also add a thermometer and hydrometer.... Preferably a digital one that displays hi/low

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