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  1. Hi guys,
    Been reading this forum for quite a while.
    Never posted much, but have decided to make a thread on my wardrobe grow box.
    This would be my second grow. 1st was outdoor with 3 plants.
    Yielded 280g.
    Plan: Stand alone wardrobe as stealth as possible.
    400W HPS Light
    DWC in single res, 2-3 plants SCROG.
    So I had thought about this for ages.
    Originally was going to be smaller. Micro grow.
    As I read more, I just wanted a HPS light.
    Need more room..
    So I bought a wardrobe.
    Dimensions: 1700Hx1000Wx600D
    Depth a bit killer, but still well decent.
    Cleaned it and sprayed it with bug shiz.
    Then sealed up all the edges with some silicone sealer.
    In the mean time, a friend and I figured we would buy some seeds.
    Figured I'd get them sent to my house before I buy lights n shiz or go any further.
    $120AUD Attitude Seeds.
    Went with them because, even with the rep of being expeno, had lots of reviews for actually recieving in Melb, Aus.
    And we got them in 8 days from ordering. Packaged well in a shirt. Stoked I actually got them to be honest.
    1 seed Wonder Woman
    1 seed Purple Kush
    1 seed Super Lemon Haze
    1 seed Northern Lights
    5 seeds THC Bomb
    Few freebies.
    Killer strains. Excited.
    Went and emptied my wallet at the local hydroponic shop.
    400W HPS Ballast
    Reflector; some spanky one I liked. Can be made cool tube.
    Sunbeam globe or something.
    2x 6inch fans; enjoy for plug and play. BUT aren't 100% stealth. For little fans quite noisy. Not loud, but noticable.)
    Girlfriend did not agree and has to be moved to the shed out the back.
    Because there is no power connected there, I have to get that done..
    Next week hopefully will have power. $400. Will have it's own circuit from the switchboard. So no chance of surge.
    Air pump
    Net Baskets
    Panda Film
    Eh heaps of shit.
    Read people using double sided tape to hang panda film.
    Hung one sheet. Took forever.
    Bought a staple gun and went nuts. Works a treat.
    Covered the rest with said technique.
    Required foam tape and weather striping to light proof.
    Ran foam around door ways. Eh cbf too much detail.
    Attached a handle in the middle to really pull the doors closed and locked.
    Put light in for a test run. Ye
    So lil about myself here. I work lots. Two jobs.
    I only work on this saturdays and sunday day.
    This has all been done over time.
    I didnt take photos of fans installed, but they are.
    Cut holes in the wall. Put foam tape around the edges of the holes.
    Drilled holes and put a nut and bolt in each corner.
    Key: Nut and bolt; so can be removed in need be. Simple and clean.
    Tomorrow I'm finishing the res, carbon filter and maybe light traps.
    May post tomorrow or at another date.
    Feedback is encouraged.

  2. And for entertainment:
    Helped a friend trim his tree today.
    Lol one branch the size of a baseball bat.
    That top is one big bud. At least a half bag for sure.
    2013-05-25 16.14.23.png
    20130525_161241_Richtone(HDR).jpg 20130525_150839.jpg
  3. That's a sweet cabinet, good job. Hope your girlfriend doesn't mind living in the shed but you've got to draw the line somewhere.
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    So the wardrobe is pretty much finished. Needs a few finishing touches.

    Carbon filter is made and mounted to exhaust fan.

    Res has been made. Came up good but going to get bigger res after first grow.

    Decided because the net cups are quite close together, going to grow some auto flower seeds first that a friend has.
    Also because first hydro grow and don't want to fuck up with decent seeds.

    So I got power hooked up yesterday.
    $400. With its own circuit from switchboard.

    Today's job is the best. Clean the shed...

    Once all is clean. Box goes in and we ride.

    Still need:

    Light traps.
    Ppm meter.
    Clip on fan.

    I'll post more photos when home.
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    Cleaning shed sucks arse, but it will be good.
  6. Back.
    Wardrobe is up and running at the moment.
    Ditched the res.
    Made the rumbleforeskin's bubble buckets instead.
    Yeah. Thats about it.
    With both fans going and light on, temp is staying at about 25-26 degrees.
    Humidity about 40-50%.
    Gonna start a grow journal now.
  7. Nice rig brother! Very clean! Good luck operating!
  8. Thanks man.
    I'll post some quality pics of the set up once the bubble buckets are in.

    I need to get a clip on fan soon though.
    Fleabay wants $70 & more for shipping. Damn Australia and being in the middle of the ocean.

    Other option will be to buy a bracket and attach it to a fan. Hard to find decent fans seeing as its winter and no one stocks them...

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