DIY Ventilation fan design

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by wizard8917, Nov 29, 2011.

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    As you can see I just taped a box fan into the biggest/closest-fitting cardboard box I could find, in my case it's a mini fridge box. I've googled around and haven't seen the idea. I'm moving air out of a 4x4x6 grow tent with three 4 inch ventilation holes. Obviously I would just tape the back closed and cut holes for the ducting then run it into the tent. The fan is 20". Would this work? I'm taking and uploading pictures now.

  2. looks kinda wild,,,:rolleyes:
  3. I don't see why =\ all the box does is create a buffer/airtight seal to the ducts/tent. It seems like it would work fine to me I'm going to get the ducting after I get woken up to test...the only thing I was worried about was not having enough airflow.
  4. i meant that in a good way,,,

    im sure it will work perfectlly,,:cool:
  5. That's a pretty cool idea, nice invention :laughing:

    I'm surprised no one's done this before cause I'm thinking you could make this work without spending money. :smoke:
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    Thanks :) That's exactly why I built it. Not only is it pretty difficult to find an in-line fan in my area ...or any sort of other centrifugal/vent fan, but once you do they're just way too expensive for what they do IMO. This fan runes up to 2,300 CFM. I've been putting off going to get the ducting because it's been like 50 degrees(Below freezing in Florida) and I hate leaving the house when it's cold if I don't have to. I'm a pussy :smoke:. Since Lowe's just opened here I'm going to see if they have a nice 4"x20' or so, then I'll take pictures of the completed product and show it attached to my tent(where I have a Sour Diesel and a Super Lemon Haze starting). Under ideal circumstances I'm going to be feeding this ventilation into my attic.

    And chicken thanks a lot man, for some reason I wrote your response off as sarcasm :p.

    Edit: Also the only thing I've had to buy so far is the duct. Depending on your setup/cab/tent and where your holes are. My tent has a vent hole on top and I could've easily stuck this fan on top of that vent and spent 0$.
  7. it is getting cold aint it,?

    im in fla. also,:cool:

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