DIY ULTRA CHEAP GROW (experimental)

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  1. hey guys, as for any of you who have seen my posts from last year.. well I'm back and with a lifetime more experience. I love following grow journals so I thought I would start my own seeing as how experimental I've been getting. heres the specs;

    Light: MARS 300W LED----80$
    Strain: UNKNOWN (I was given a free bag of 200+ seeds)
    Medium: Promix+flora something (soil)---20$
    Nutes: flora micro grow Kit---60$ (but will last me multiple grows)
    Setup: I have the plant in my garage, I built my own grow tent with 1/4" PVC pipes and foam core, then sealing it with spray foam sealant to make air/light tight------100$

    so right now I'm in about mid bloom in a garage that sits at about 4 degrees C... this being an ultra cheap experimental grow its currently in a 2 Gal popcorn bucket wrapped in a heating pad to attempt to keep that root zone warm. I'm really not expecting anything from this plant as it has been beat to crap, inconsistent lighting (I wasn't its caretaker during veg) and its stems are decently weak so one top shoot got broken off.. so I cloned it (during mid bloom) because hey, why not? so this thread is made to see what you can get from the absolute worst conditions lol. but thats all the fun of it, even though I am not expecting much doesn't mean I'm not trying!!

    My first grow ever last year was a QP on one plant so I do know what I'm doing Im simply just seeing what will happen! if you guys ever had any questions on "what would happen if______?" please post and maybe we can test it out!!
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    Antics proved on here years ago that led is fully capable of a Qp in skilled hands. I'm sure you won't have too much difficulty if you have too luck. The platinum p300 got over 6oz's but who's counting? =) It costs way more.
    PlatinumLED Mars-Hydro comparison grow
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  3. Hopefully there are some good genetics in those mystery seeds
  4. I have a bagseed of this stuff called Rainbow Flame #5 that i bought from a dispensary. not really sure what the genetics are but its from G-Code Genetics and they told me my seed would likely be a cross of theirs and Lemon Tree. It just sprouted a couple days ago so im gonna toss it in with my clones

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  5. they are! surprisingly.. the only difficulty I've had with genetics is on the QP grow I referenced earlier it was fox tailing really bad.
  6. the difficulty is in the temperature haha
  7. hey guys! heres an update.
    haven't fed/watered since I transplanted. had to take the plant inside.. there was no hope for bud production in that 3 degree garage and if I'm spending the time on it I may aswell get something out of it! bud production started almost immediately after I brought it in.. and there was definitely some water intake issues due to the cold temps. (hence me not having to water since last post. the clone strangely enough survived and is producing bud too :eek:. there is a small problem which isn't really scaring me right now because next feeding should fix it but I believe my girls either got some nute burn, which I'm personally not familiar with because I rarely overfeed but since the plants growth is stunted from the cold, in hindsight I should've fed it at 3/4 strength. orrr alternatively it could be a K-defficiency ill post a pic and let me know your thoughts! already fought off nitrogen toxicity earlier in the garage.
  8. I know its going to be a bit difficult to tell in the purple light but the leaves are a perfect green, no yellowing and the tips are just dying.

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  9. Nitrogen burn. The plant is dark green, and tips point down and turn crispy
  10. Flush with half dose solution and then feed with lower ppm
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  11. do u mean nute burn? theres still the odd leaf with the claw because its got the tail end of nitrogen toxicity, I'm thinking ill do a straight water, then mix up some soupy 3/4 strength notes for the poor gal.
    never seen a plant go through so much and survive in my life.
  12. don't have a ppm meter, the only thing I haven't monitored lol, where do you get em? ill get one tonight
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  13. Any hydro store or amazon
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  14. Ppm is the only thing i havent monitored either. I started feeding flora micro/bloom a couple days ago, but was told my plants could be getting burned by my soil alone so this should be fun haha

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  15. hey guys so here we are, about 3 weeks until harvest I believe, and with the the help of photoshop I changed my purple LED light photos to White light for better viewing. Definitely on and off still fighting N toxicity. when looking with the jewellers loop I can see the beginning of trichomes, but I thought Id have more by now??? could be shit genetics or maybe I'm impatient? I've noticed about 2-3 pistils going amber on each bud site.

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