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  1. I was seeing some 2000$ DIY tissue culture kits online and I was wondering if any of you think it's worth it? Or better options? Etc?

    I want to learn how to do tissue cultures, and previously I thought you had to have 100+ grand worth of equipment to make it happen. Are these DIY applications legitimate? What's the best way to DIY tissue culture if it isn't one of those kits
  2. I would pay that if it included a shaker incubator lol.
    I've attached a cloning kit handbook. You can order the individual components from them or others online.
    It's not that much for the reagents.
    If you go to a thrift shop, you can find a yogurt maker, or buy that online.
    like that.

    not 2000$ lol. send me a tip, I just saved you 1800$

    if you want more tips, I can send you a better academic handbook.

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  3. This is what I was talking about. Does come with the autoclave, etc

    Athena Culture Kit
  4. well that's a neat kit. I will point out that microbiology existed before HEPA filters and a good ole flame still does the trick.

    But if you are set on a flow hood, you can get an air filter to 1 micron for ~$300 on amazon (kinda loud though).
    MS media broth can be ordered from sigma for cheap (with whatever additives already included).
    A common microwave = autoclave (for plastics/cloth/glass). For metal, wipe down with alcohol.
    Can I ask what you are trying to achieve using tissue culture?
  5. I want to learn how to do it myself to where I can create plants using this method. It's going to be the method of the future

    I really don't know what I'm doing so this is brand new for me, I don't know how to get all the separate pieces or the details of what I need because I just never done this before. Also I believe I got a couple bad ass clones that may or may not have the hops latent viroid and I'm curious if the plants are better after I tissue cultured them
  6. way of the present ... maybe see ginkoworks and cronos ...
    then don't spend 2K on a kit that you can buy for much less.
    I used to sub to a plant tissue channel on yt, but found it too annoying.

    Learn first, and buy later. Start by reading over the kit instructions I attached above.
    i think you should burn those and disinfect the area. Nothing you want to be cultivating if you are growing cannabis.

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