diy tissue culture

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  1. is itpossible to do this at home
    i searched and found out its done under super sterile environment butwas windering if it was possible to do at homefor a homegrower
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  2. diy tissue culture cabinet - Google Search

    Either a Hood or a Cabinet is very possible.

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  3. Very doable at home, though it takes a decent investment of time, money, and effort.

    Along with the TC kits that include the vials, containers, MS medium and hormones, you'll also need either a still air box or a flow hood, and to learn how to use whichever one you buy. Many amateur mycologists are using fan filter units used in hospitals as makeshift flow hoods, and they seem to work pretty well. Price wise a FFU is going to be a bit cheaper than a laminar flow hood, especially if you can find one used. Just keep in mind that the filters are pretty expensive. The only benefit to a still air box is that they are cheap. They can be a pain in the ass to work in, though some people make do.

    I'd start with mycology work on agar to learn sterile technique if you build/buy a SAB, FH, or FFU. Edibles and medicinals are both fun to grow.

    Once you have that down, then move on to TC. Your final goal should be learning meristem-tip culture so you can cleanse clones of viroids, but at first I would just experiment with node culture.
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  4. there is more to this then i taught

    im gonna keep going down the rabbit hole and see what awaits me down there
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  5. Totally agree with gxxire. Start with fungus and buy the book Plants from Test Tubes: An Introduction to Micro-propagation.

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