Diy Thc E-Cig Mixing?

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  1. Not sure if I'm posting in the right form or not, haven't been on here in years. I vape alot ("e-cigs") and I'd love to find a way to mix THC into the juice. I make my own juice, so I have a stock of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin on hand. I also have a bit of kief I'd like to use to make a small sample batch, I was planning on getting a pan of boiling water (stove set to low) then putting one of my glass bottles on there (eyedropper cap on) with ~ 20-25ml 50/50 PG/VG + the kief inside, shaking occasionally and leaving on for like 6-8 hours (what I read in another thread). I might add flavorings later, we'll see. Thoughts? Good threads I should read up about this on? Any info at all would be appreciated  :)
    \nOh, also I was planning on using it with a .4Ω dual coil 26g kanthal setup in an IGO-W on an 18650 black copper stingray with a SonyVTC5 battery. Do I need to go lower Ω to properly heat the THC?

  2. You want higher ohms. I use a 2.6 ohm coil in a vivi nova mini for my thc-juice. I use an itaste MVP with it

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  3. I use a .3ohm for mine and it's fine lol

    But You only need 1 thread per topic op
  4. Why do you recommend higher ohms? I'd assume higher ohms = lower wattage = lower temperature... That 2.6Ω coil can hit 11w on your MVP (or 15 on my Vamo), but doesn't come close to the 50+ watts put out by my dripper... I'd assume more wattage = higher temperature = better :O
    Thanks everyone btw, I made 2 topics because the first one went 24 hours without being responded to :p 
  5. You better put a lot of kief in there if you actually want to get high from it.
  6. Kinda noticing this. The kief I'm using isn't the best quality either, good green n' all but prolly mixed with some plant matter as it's ~ 2g through the grinder with a nickle in it and a lot of shaking involved :p (2g in many increments btw, shaking for ~ 30 seconds each time). Not sure if I messed up or what... Works to keep a high going but not to really get stoned...
    Also, decarbing... How important is this in this process?
    Thinking of asking my connect to go half n' half with me on a real batch, pot n' cheesecloth n' all since he vapes as well (we met at an e-cig shop :p) and I've seen so many success stories and this interests me very much :p
  7. If you're smoking or vaping decarbing happens by itself
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    I mean I'm not an expert at this shit but the higher ohm coils seem to burn a lot hotter and longer at at lower wattage. Therefore my battery last much longer when on the go and conserves my juice more. Just what I like really cause anything under 2.0 burns out within a days worth of use. The lower the resistance the less time they last.

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  9. Those are because i assume you use tanks? there talking about rebuildables, which are way more durable than the tank coils.

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