DIY Stealth grows

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by H0PHEAD, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I've been wondering if carbon scrubbers would stunt the growth of the plant if it were inside, underneath, the plants. Given that the carbon scrubber is underneath the plant there would be some sort of water protection.

    Is air flow in and or out absolutely necessary if there be a carbon scrubber in it.

    if a carbon scrubber is installed into the base of the stealth growth it could have dual purposes. 1 by the means of growing and 2 be used as a dryer in its final stages. Would you not agree?
  2. All of the air leaving the grow space has to exit through the carbon scrubber to remove odors which means the scrubber goes on the exhaust. Heat rises so it makes the most sense to place your outtake on the top of your growspace to get the hot air out as efficiently as possible.
    A carbon scrubber itself will not stunt growth. However using a carbon scrubber creates resistance on the outtake fan. If you do not compensate for this then it is possible to stunt the growth of your plant from lack of fresh air and heat build up. Air flow in and out of the grow space is an essential component of the grow. Just like humans, plants need fresh air to breath. Having fresh air flow in and hot, used air flow out you will provide your plant(s) with better conditions resulting in a better, healthier plant.

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