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    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to the forum, but I have been designing a new, completely stealth cabinet. I would like input on my design and plan on selling fully detailed blueprints and parts list.

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  2. You think there's a market for cabinet blueprints and parts lists? After all sites like this one are free.

    Did you use Google SketchUp for the 3D model?
  3. Not at all, These are professional drawings, copyrighted and patent pending. Never heard of Google Sketchup, sorry. This is being designed on professional software.
  4. I Just want peoples opinion on the design. I have never found anything as discreet as my design except the PC tower. I like the Tower design, but we all know it's just too small.

  5. well as he said..this site is fre so you will have to put the plans up so we can give our input...that kinda defeats what yours trying to to correct>? by selling them? so go figure
  6. Well Obviously anyone can build a discreet box, but there are people who don't want to have to sit down and figure everything out to get the most out of the box. Thats where I come in. This is a "Turn Key" solution. See this design isn't some 5 min drawing on a napkin, (or Google Sketcher LOL) that once you build it you find you have hot spots, light leaks, heat problems. It has been engenered to have maximum yeld at a minimum price. I've done all the hard labor, to save you money, while still getting results as if you spent a fortune on all the equipment.


  7. welll I'm all for giving some advice,,,I have ran into a huge amount of probs i had to figure out and probably will be able to give some good feedback!
  8. Sorry man, didn't mean to insult you. In another thread a 3D model of his box done with that software so I was wondering if you had used it as well.

    As YoManItsMe mentioned, no one will be able to critique your product without trying it.

    So I tell you what, name a price. I'm a first time grower and I'm looking to grow in my apartment. I think that makes me your target customer.

    You should also know I'm a student on a shoe-string budget and I haven't budgeted blueprints into this experiment.

    I'll be able to tell a lot about how your product serves someone in my position.

    p.s. Are you really trying to patent this? What did you tell them it was used for?

  9. awesome..looks like you got a good setup for a client here to demo your product for! I already have a perfect spot for mine! plus dont need to go stealth!
  10. Its a discreet indoor growing cabinet, for vegetables, flowers, or any other plant :smoking: just like bongs and pipes are for tobacco use only
  11. I'd like to know if people would rather have working blueprints, and parts list for a DIY or just buy a turnkey solution, that you put together when you get it home
  12. looks like my set up... i have a couple kinks to work out... the problem i think youll have making turnkeys is finding out which brand filing cabinet or manufacturing a cabinet that has the exact demensions your looking for to fit your fans and lights in...

    another problem that i have is ventilation.. you said you want it to be completely stealth. plants need fresh air and without any holes on the outside of the cabinet well it wouldnt be completly stealth.

    check mine out maybe you can help me out with some ideas for mine
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    air coming in can always come from the bottom, and if you plan on using CFLs, you probably won't have to worry about anything heat-related (requiring ventilation) as much as you will smell. you can run little computer fans in the bottom with little effort.

    also, in true relevance to the thread, i do not think this will sell very well.

  14. Thats really cool, the only differance is you are modifiying a file cabinet, where i am building a box that looks like a file cabinet
  15. 1. this is what u call professional? i could paint a better one with my left foot
    2. there are already growboxes like this.....
  16. 1) You seem to hold yourself in high regard as an engineer, yet all I see is a 3D rendering of a file cabinet that could be drawn in MS Paint.
    2) I see no market for this as most people who require stealth boxes build them for themselves or are 14 and can't afford such a thing.
    3) Unless you plan on working pro-bono the R & D and prefabrication for such a "turn-key" solution would drive the cost of this well over what the average grower would be willing to spend on a grow box as restricted as this.
    4) Anyone who has been reading these forums for more than two months and has the "Basic wood working skills needed.Ÿ
    Common wood working tools needed." to assemble your cabinet could easily design and build their own with the information that has been shared on this forum.

    I'm not trying to restrict your financial gain, your plans are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them, and if you find someone willing to buy them then kudos to you.

    That being said your idea of prefabricating and marketing a stealth file cabinet seems like it was "some 5 min drawing on a napkin."

  17. its drawn on solidworks and im sure your nasty feet would definalty out perform $30,000 software So don't comment just to be a hater, Im sure you friendless life is miserable, but don't try to bring down others just cause you're a loser

  18. "
    2) I see no market for this as most people who require stealth boxes build them for themselves or are 14 and can't afford such a thing."
    I guess you never considers parents who don't want their kids to know......,
    What you cannot tell from the drawings is how the light WILL NOT leak. Im not some looser who surfs the web about pot all the time. I came up with an idea designed it then looked for forums to get peoples opinions on. The day i made this thread, is the first day i was ever on a forum for pot.
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    Im not sure what type of input you expect on your design when all we can see is a lopsided picture of a filing cabinent? How will it be "lightproof" as you are claiming? How large will the cabinet be? How much light will it accomodate?(sp?) What will the cabinet be made of?( im assuming aluminum or steel sheet?) Does it open from the side? or back? Or from the front where the false drawers will have to be? Why is this better than someone buying a cheaper mdf cabinet and building their own grow space?

    Have you grown anything indoors before? Are you sure you understand everything it takes to make a turn key stealth cabinet actually work?

    What im most curious about though, is why you use "$30,000" software, to show us a lopsided cabinet. It seems to me like if someone had a "$30,000" program, and the skills to use it, he would not need to talk to a forum to get input on and idea for a stealth grow cabinet.

    My opinion/input

    From what we have seen so far, nobody would want to buy this. Sorry, just honest opinion.

    Also, i checked out the link on your sig and i now realize you want to sell blueprints that tell you where to get everything you need to make this. So you are going to make a diy cabinet and sell the plans to people that can easily get plans to make a cabinet for free on forums like these. I don't think it will work. Also, you may not want to associate anything you plan to legally sell with marijuana, its illegal to do so i hope you realize this.

  20. You're funny, you keep talking about a lopsided cabinet, that my friend is called a trisometric view. Its designed to be made out of .750 (thats 3/4") MDF. The parts actually slide together with joints (wood joints not smokable joints) that will not permit light to leak out. Yes it opens from the false drawers which is also designed to block all light. The photos that you see with no side on is done so you can see what the inside of the cabinet looks like. Some people will probably grow illegal plants in this, however i do not recommend or condone the use of this product for any illegal activity. As far as the "Logo" Yes there is a Hemp Leaf but Erb is not spelled Herb. If you personally knew me, then you would understand the name Smokin Erb. Its all good I understand it can easily be assumed its geard for hemp, but who doesn't like fresh tomatoes year round or fresh flowers grown year round, hell even strawberrys would be wonderful to eat year round. But the sight of a goddy black tent can ruin any decor.

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