Diy stealth cabinet with cfls

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  1. This is going to be my second attempt at growing my last plant was about a month old when it died without and warning for some reason it was a sleestack x skunk.

    This grow is a feminized critical super silver haze it just sprouted in the jiffy pellet so I'll put her in soil in about 2 days.

    I'm using 4 cfls at the moment they are 4100k so not the best but I hear u can vege with them. For nutes I have some tomato feed npk is something I've 5-6-4

    This journal is mainly for me to keep track of the grow but also to share my experience with you guys.

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  2. Bit of an update left the seedling in the dark it stretched like a motherfucker now I have it in some soil and in the cabinet
  3. She's seems to be OK it's now upright no leaves yet
  4. Seems to be going OK the leaves are a little bit weird. They should come right

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  5. Oh that's a critical super silver haze fem.
  6. That thing is super stretched, you need to get the light closer or buy a stronger light. In the mean time, use little sticks to support the plant upright.
    Good luck with your grow.
  7. the stretching is from leaving it in the dark for two days and also due to stealth I sometimes have to turn my lights off
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    So what's your light cycle then? You can't just shut lights down whenever unless you're growing an Auto.
    To be quite honest you're going to have to invest in more/different lights. Those 4100k spectrum Cfls are basically not doing anything for your baby. I'd suggest at least a couple 45-55 watt 6500k Cfls for veg depending on the size of your cab.

    Good luck and Green mojo.
  9. The light cycle problem is fixed now, it's on 24 hours. when I can I'm going to move the plant outside for some vege time as it's coming into summer now. I'm buying some 6500k and some 2700k do you think 2 of each so 4 in total would that be good? I hear mixed spectrum can be good. I'm also planing on using the sprog method. Thanks
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    Your cab looks bigger than mine and I'm running around 200 watts total. Look for some 45-55 watt lights. More light is always good. But it also means more heat.

    With cfls you want to go by the true wattage and not the equivalent.
  11. I just bought 4 splitters to I'll be able to have 8 lights in total max of 45 Watt so Ill just get 4 6500k and 4, 2700k and have the mixed spectrum.
  12. Added a fan blowing across the plant
  13. Can some one tell me what's wrong with her, she getting all bunched up but seems to be doing fine. Should I be worried?

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  14. Either, roots are suffocating, overwatered/waterlogged, or pH. 
    yea needs FRESH air and more light less water. A plant like that will go crazy when you Guys learn DWC.
    hydro is so much better indoors and even micro. pumps make some noise though.
  16. Thanks guys for the input. Oh and roots are almost coming out from the holes on the bottom so should I transplant? I also did find a little black fly thing in the soil, I killed it.
  17. Yeah I'd transplant.
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    You dont need to transplant that yet bro.. if anything it would be bad to do it that early. Wait until it has more roots formed then do it. You dont have to worry about it needing more room for a while
  19. yeah that's what I was thinking, thanks man I was stressing
  20. Looks like a little bit of burn on the leafs from getting to close to the lights I also found another little bug flying around the plant, it's the same bug I see flying around the fruit bowl so I hopes it's not a fungi fly or whatever they called.

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