DIY Smartpot idea. What are some of your ideas on other diy pots?

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  1. So I recently started my 25th grow and I'm on about week 4 of veg, my plants are all currently growing healthy and massive bushy branches of growth i believe they're striving so well because of this simple idea, basically all you have to do is take one of those recyclable grocery bags and use it as you would as if it were a regular planter(this is the simplest technique for the bag but I'll explain a more efficient way below). Perks to using these bags is the benefit of having a very aerated planter for an optimal supply of oxygen to the roots, with it's great aeration it also makes it very difficult to overwater and makes flushing soil a breeze, but hands down my favorite thing about these fabric grocery bags are their immense volume of soil to which they can hold plus not to mention the volume can be customized with very little effort, Now here's where you can get crafty, what i do first is take the bag and cut off the cloth handles so they won't get caught on anything or soak up runoff water as they dangle down. Next i pinch the outside of the bag to create a crease creating a large flap past that said crease i then fold the flap over the outside wall of the bag (which makes the bags inside volume significantly smaller) and staple it securely together i typically will make two flaps per bag(one on each side of the planter). Depending on the age and origin of the marijuana plant (seed, clone, seedling) that I'm planning on transferring, i'll select the size i want the planter to be by taking the crease i've made in the bag and fold it to one side of the bag then i take a stapler and staple 3-4 staples vertically in a uniform fashion along that new crease, i do this usually only twice but sometimes more so, then i should end up having 2-4 rows of staples about 5-10 inches apart from one another, then i take one of my seedlings, clone or sprouted seed and gently transplant it into the bag. Once i think i need to repot the plant as it grows older and bigger and needs more room for its root system to flourish optimally, i take one row of staples out of each flap so that the planter size gets much larger. then where the new soilless void from removing the staples begins i pour and fill with new potting soil so that the plant won't ever even possibly get stress from a repotting. and i repeat this previous step until all staples are removed and the plant ends up being in that same planter but now it will have enough room to finish its growth until harvest. The bags i find around me are usually really really cheap about a dollar or so per bag and have a total volume of 7ish gallons.
    Let me know some of your ideas floating around out there in the community.
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  2. DIY Smartpot idea. What are some of your ideas on other diy pots?

    Over the years I've used about everything that can be reached

    Large size Levis jean legs have done well,

    But the best has to be half a compost bag,

    get ur full compost bag, 40 liters/ 10 usgallon and simply cut in half with a boxcutter

    PRESTO 2 full bags ready of planting into too

    best to poke it with the knife in the lower regions to allow excess water out

    good luck
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    I have got to try that method you mentioned one day but thats if i get a larger grow area to work with. Because i can imagine a dozen or so 10 gallon pots taking up a lot of space. (Currently i'm working with a 5x5x6 grow room wrapped in mylar and an air/light sealed threshold on the door.)

    But you can also use a shower drain filter which can be found from any hardware store and use them as net pots for a hydroponic grow and save a few bucks for a good durable net pot that will never warp or allow grow medium to seep through. However these little filters are on the smaller size, so i usually will place and fit 8 or 10 per each one of my DWC hydro buckets which is the perfect size for clipping a lot of clones at once and only having the need for one bucket making more and more usable space inside the GR.

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