Diy Silencer For A Fan/blower To Reduce Noise

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    I bought the following blower from mcmaster:
    In case you need extra information on the blower, here is the link for the blower:
    Specifically I bought "Heavy Duty Blowers" model 1953K55. There are blower performance curves that you can click.

    This blower will be installed indoors in a laboratory to test heat exchangers, not for growing :p. I noticed that a lot of people on this forum are experienced with silencers so I thought this would be a good place to ask for some help.
    I need to reduce the noise level from 92 dB to around 60-70 dB (I believe this is a good level where conversations can be heard, if it's not possible please let me know what's possible). I am looking to make or buy two silencers that will fit with the 7.125" x 5.75" outlet and the 8" diameter inlet. I was wondering if anyone knows whether DIY silencers could work for this blower. I've seen some silencers online for around $500 but from reading forum posts I noticed you can make one for around $50 although I am not sure how good the performance is.
    The blower will run at flow rates between 165 cfm to 1600 cfm. Also, I want to make sure the connection between the fan and the silencer is tightly sealed so no air leaks out.
    Cheers :)


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