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  1. So this is my first grow and im looking for some feedback on my setup. Ill be growing 3 autos in this extra storage spot, in my attic room. The lighting will be 4 23w 6500 cfl + 2 60w hps for "vegging" and switching to 4 23w 2700 cfl + the 2 60w hps, when they start to flower.

    Its not finished yet but before I finish it, what can i add to make the most of my lighting.

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  2. Big pots for starters, they cant be getting enuff light.

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  3. Too many plants or not enough light. Have you read the stickies on lighting?

    Your bulbs are clustered together so it will be difficult to cover 3 grown plants effectively. My prediction is that your autos will be fine at first, but eventually they will outgrow that lighting setup. Not a problem if you're prepared to expand, so keep that in mind.

    ...cfl is so inefficient that I prefer the absolute cheapest method of setting them up, that way you can spend more of your budget on lighting. You can setup 300 actual watts of cfl for about $50 including bulbs and hardware, at which point it becomes more efficient to just buy a 150w HID for the same price and yield.

    My suggestion here, is to veg with your daylights for now, and find more sockets for your soft whites when they begin to flower. Use all 8 of your bulbs for flowering. Best scenario is you add a 150 to your setup, using cfl to boost light around your plants.

    Cheers!! :smoke:
  4. okay i see what're saying about the bulbs being too close together. Ill have to find a way to add another power strip to this equation. I really to appreciate all the info i can get.
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    There is a cfl light fixture that comes with all the bulbs in it and is plenty big for what your doing. It doesn't cost much and puts out a ton of light I can post a link in a sec gotta get the URL. One sec

  6. Thanks. but thats a bit out of my price range. i altered the setup, a bit and ill post a link here for the grow, ill be starting tomorrow :hello: im excited.
  7. I feel you there are cheaper ones that one is just a really nice one.

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