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  1. I have those storage cube screens. And a 2 x 2 x 4 tent. Each of these screens is 14" x 14". I figure I need just two to make the scrog I want. I want to have one on top and one on the bottom for support.

    The question is, how tall should I make it? I was thinking 20" pieces of wood for all four corners. Giving me a 14"x14"x20" scrog. Is that too tall for one plant in a 2' x 2' x 4' tent?
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  2. I would attach it about 6" above the soil, just enough room to reach under. I've used those same white screens before and they worked great for a scrog.
  3. So, how tall should I make it? I'm not sure how to make it to where I can adjust the screen...
  4. I'm not sure I understand what you mean...the screen should lay flat over the top of the should be secure to hold the branches in place. It shouldn't need to be adjustable. :confused:
  5. lol, sorry, kinda buzzed

    Okay, say I have an 8 inch tall container with my plant in it. From soil to screen there should be a 6 inch space, correct? That would mean I should use 14 inch tall pieces of wood to make my scrog, right? Or is my math all wrong?
  6. oh ok...yeh..I'm pretty high too :D When I did it I just duct taped the sticks/wood to the side of the pot. Or you can get thinner pieces and put them in the pot in the corners...and the soil holds em in place :) There's also these things called locker organizers that are almost prefect for scrog screens...they're made of the same type of metal screen material.

    like this right? but with a different screen.


    I think that pic is from verdantgreen's modular scrog thread over at ICmag...a very good read.
  7. yep those are the ones! A bit pricy..but they last quite awhile...I actually ran into a few of them at a thrift store for cheep :D
  8. I use those to hang dry, i have the stackable type with shorter legs. Anything with a screen type thing will work i like using pvc and string, this way i can make the screen any size with any size holes. I have attached legs of the screen directly to the top of my DWC buckets and made a "bridge type" when i finally switched to a RDWC, i just use screws in the top spaced however and wrap a string around the screws. the only thing about the string make sure it does not unravel (like twine, it will get stuck in sticky buds not fun) and has a little stretch.

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