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  1. Hi everyone, I've just started the flowering phase of my first DWC grow and my plants are enormous. 2 plants in 5 gallon DWC buckets are filling my entire 3x3 tent with easy and i'm only about 12 days since I flipped the lights. It is becoming very time consuming to say the least having to mix nutes and refill these babies almost daily. I want to upgrade to a recirculating setup with a larger reservoir capacity so that my plants can stay hydrated for longer periods.

    Anyways, I've taken some measurements and it looks like i can squeeze two 18 gal locktite totes and two additional 5gal buckets into my 3x3. I would put a third 5gal, but I want to use an inline water pump to prevent unnecessary heat in my reservoirs. I will only be growing plants in the totes The buckets are for added reservoir capacity and ease of access for feeding and adding frozen water bottles to cool. The buckets are the same height as the totes and i'm guessing ill be able to hold somewhere around 25 gallons when the system is full. Although i'm not quite sure what size of a water pump I need. Would this one work well for my application?

    I already have a 4-outlet air pump that looks exactly like this: although i'm not sure if it's the same brand. I plan on using two airstones in each tote. Can anyone weigh in on if this seems like enough airflow?

    So far, my shopping list looks like this:
    1" PVC
    8x 1" uniseals
    Inline Water Pump (1000gph?)
    Adapters for water pump to work with 1" connector

    are there any other materials I am missing? thanks!

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