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Diy rdwc and water level

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jstsm, Dec 31, 2022.

  1. Hi folks.
    Who to ask ? Who ? When you live in illegal country in eu, you cant be sure in anyone. You know everyone grow at home, friends all know (probably) I grow, we all grow ... But its so, so sad that goverments in eu still wont see realistic picture and are creating a nation of scared, untrustfull people who cant trust best frend with two f.... plants or so ! I see that folks are more afraid of society judgment that are of legal consequences. We've become a bunch of inclosed freaks, hiding in some basement, fearing if carbon in filter is still good, is that pump loud or not ...
    I dont know. In my 20is was hopefull that by now decriminalization for personal would bo finished in all eu. Like this, what, four countries ? Our generation will be ☠️ by then.
    O, yeah. Question. Uf, sorry for this, i am just frustrated couse dont know if i risk writing here or not. Not a comp guru at all, dont know s... about net. Just it would be nice debating this with friends at local bar, not fearing if anyone listening.
    So. Just one question: waterfall feed to the buckets, without airstone. My net pots are driping water without touching surface of water. Is that enough ? Couse pot is wet from splashing, level can be 3 inch down and net still drips. But is that drip from splash enough or should pot touch water surface regardless ?
    A million thanks, a million to all of you, a millio million best wishes to all of you ! ✨

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