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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gwam333, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. OK, so I'm scrapping my waterfarm idea and am building a RDWC for half the cost. Found a setup I want to go with and have all the pieces except for the 5 gal buckets. Here's why, does the color of the bucket matter? I have seen most people using black ones which make the most but the black ones at Home Depot are $15 vs $4 for the blue ones. Looking to cut corners wherever possible one $$ but will I regret not having a black one? If I wrap the bucket in mylar will it matter?

  2. Gwam, check your PM's. I moved my reply off ShovaBlaster's journal. Short answer, don't matter... just be sure it's blocking light from the outside in.
  3. Use the blue ones just get some foil duct tape and tape em up till light tight.
  4. Food grade black and skip the tape

    Keep temps below 80

  5. Why does it matter? Light inhibits and stops root growth. Light allows algae to grow. Both are very bad.

    Make sure you keep your water temps lower. First time I tried DWC I couldnt keep the water cool and that was that for that grow. Algae set in and that was that.
  6. gwam, check this link, but got to warn you, the label on the bucket is gonna make you roll on the floor.
    Food Storage Containers - Emergency Essentials
    Food grade 5 gallon with lid $7 each in lots of 10 or more, $9 shipping (for 12).
    Mylar, foil tape, paint, heavy mil plastic .. any of these would work for any bucket.
    Grow stores sell a heavy mil plastic sheeting that would make a perfect cover. Black on one side for 100% light blocking & white on the other for light reflectivity & to help keep heat down. White side out for covering buckets.

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