DIY - ONA Odor Control Bucket (CHEAP & EASY!)

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    I found this in another portion of the forums (Click Here) and decided it was right for me. I have really appreciated the help I've received from this community so I decided to give something back and document my DIY build.

    In total I used 1/5 of a pound of the Soil most polymer and about 3 ounces of the O.N.A concentrate. This stuff goes a long way! From what I've read this will last me over a month. I will come back and update this guide a month from now. I have also just put my plants into flowering!

    ONA Concentrate (32oz) - $16.95
    Soil Moist Polymer (1 lb) - $12.95
    Honeywell Fan - $15.99
    Bucket (Unknown volume/medium) - $1.00
    Roll of Duct Tape (God bless duct tape!) - $1.00
    TAX: 4.66
    TOTAL PRICE: 52.55

    As you can see this is fairly inexpensive and VERY effective. It will neutralize all odors and mask anything it might somehow have missed. I have not tried it in flowering so I will update this when that has happened.

    - First thing you need is a circular tabeltop fan of some kind with the motor built into the fan assembly. Having the fan built into the housing assembly will allow you to remove the base of the fan for easier mounting onto the bucket. I bought a Honeywell 6'' tabletop fan for $15.99 from Target. The website allows you to locate a store near you that has them in stock.

    - Now head over to your local hydro shop and pick up some O.N.A concentrate and some soil most (or generic equivelant which is most likely called Polymer Wetting Agent). DON'T buy the O.N.A gel! You will be making your own. You need the O.N.A Concentrate that is used to renew the gel in the O.N.A gel bucket.

    - You'll need to get a bucket and a roll of duct tape, as well as some cardboard. Cardboard is plentiful and free. I went to the 99¢ store and got a bucket that was a bit small for my liking but the price was right. You should look for a 5 gallon bucket. I could not find a lid for my bucket so I made one out of cardboard. I included it in this DIY.You can also find duct tape at the 99¢ store. Maybe even Soil Moist.

    -You'll need a few tools. I recommend a box cutter, scissors, phillips head screwdriver, and a drill.


    STEP 1: Gather your stuff!


    STEP 2: Remove the base of the fan.

    A. Remove the plastic caps covering the screws that secure the base into the main fan body.


    B: Unscrew the base from the main fan body.


    STEP 3: Measure the circumference of the fan on the cardboard, so you can easily make a lid. If you have a lid you may need to cuy away a portion of the lid to fit the fan body into. If you're making your lid out of cardboard like I did then cut at an inward angle toward the inside of the fan assemble to create a secure hole for the fan. Remember we'll be folding the cardboard over to double it up so cut accordingly!



    STEP 4: Cut away any excess from the cardboard. You may consider putting cardboard between the folded-over cardboard to reinforce it. Next completely duct tape the entire thing. Mummify it! Go nuts! Make sure the cardboard is sealed away from the moisture in the bucket. The finished product can also double as a DIY - hemmorhoid pillow.



    STEP 5: Line up the fan with the hole in your lid. Tape the lid onto the front of the fan as shown below. The fan will be blowing INTO the bucket! You can have it blowing out if you like. I tried it both ways and I like it sucking the air into the bucket.



    STEP 6: Time to drill holes into the bucket! My bucket was a medium sized bucket, but you generally want the holes on the top 1/3 of the bucket. No more then half way up. Make the holes between 1/4 and 3/4 inches thick. The smaller you make them, the more you'll need. The Soil Moist Polymer will expand to 50 times its own size.
    I recommend marking off a section of your bucket and drilling a bunch of random holes. I lost count of my holes after 40-something.



    STEP 7: Now it's time to mix our solution and make our gel! Depending on how much you want to make and how strong you want this to be, you will need to adjust the recipe accordingly. I started with a small amount and worked my way up to a good level.
    Start with 5 cups of water (1 cup=8oz) and a quarter cup of O.N.A Concentrate. A quarter of a cup might be too much as it is. It's REALLY strong.
    After you mix the water/O.N.A solution, mix in the polymer. Half a cup should be good enough. Like I said start with a small amount and add more as you go.
    - If you make it too strong, wait a few hours and it should die down as the Soil Moist absorbs it. If it's still too strong mix 1 cup of water & 1 tsp Soil Moist until it's weak enough for you. You can also add just water if you like.
    -Soil Moist has NO SMELL and resembles a clear gel when expanded. In the dry state it's the size and texture of a grain of rice.


    After about an hour it should look like this:


    STEP 8: Last step! Put the fan lid on top of the bucket with the O.N.A gel you just made and turn it on! Listen to the fan on and off of the bucket. Does it sound like it's struggling a lot? You might need to drill more holes! Don't worry about a small amount of difference. The bucket itself will buffet the sound and not to mention the purpose of the bucket is to force the air against the surface area of the gel you just made.
    Stick it in a corner, grow room, closet, etc... and enjoy!

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    How effective is this set-up and how long does the ONA gel last before you need more?

    I suggest for even more smell filtering you can tape on some pieces of activated carbon to the back of the fan where it draws in air.


  3. That's not a bad idea. I'll give that a try after I test out my current setup a bit more.

    The current setup I have hasn't been tested for long but it's been going strong since the date of my original post. I even smoke herb in the same room as the bucket and you can't tell anyone burned anything at all.

    The Soil Moist crystals are VERY reusable. All you need to do is add more of the water/O.N.A concentrate solution to them and they'll puff right back up.

    I just started flowering this past Sunday so the smell from my plants isn't too strong yet. I'll know just how effective this bucket really is once my plants kick the odor into overdrive.

    I did notice that the smell of the O.N.A caps off in the room depending on how much of the concentrate you used. It doesn't keep building up into an untollerable stench.

    I will update with the results once I know how well this system powers through odor.
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  4. OK! So this is the first update since I've been testing this bucket. I started flowering on Sunday January 9th.

    On monday night my bucket was turned off. I was coming back in from work after 11 PM and I could smell pot as I came up to my door. My home stank of herb! Luckily I live in a secluded portion of my home so no one would have smelled it.
    I immediately turned on the fan on the bucket at the lowest setting. Within 5-10 minutes the smell of herb and plants was gone. Since the bucket is located in my closet I couldn't smell anything more than a hint of the O.N.A in the main room.

    The following day I was once again at work until after 11 PM but this time I had left my bucket on. I smelled nothing as I came up to my door and nothing when I entered my room. Even the closet didn't smell! So far so good, but I know this is just the start...
  5. hey Newbiegrowr, great thread, this is exactly what I was looking for. I just flipped the switch to 12 n 12 yesterday & the room already stinks lol not to bad, but I can smell it & if I can smell it anyone can smell it....

    can you find the ona in home depot or lowes?

    whats the name brand of
    The Soil Moist Polymer?

    + rep for this one

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    Thanks for the rep, erik! I really appreciate it.

    The O.N.A can be purchased easily at a hydroponics store. I called around to five different shops and they all carried O.N.A concenctrate. One such shop seemed to find it easier when I told them it's the stuff you pour into the gel bucket to refresh it. I don't know if Home Depot or Lowes would have it but a search on their website turned up no results for both O.N.A and Odor Neutralizing Agent. Here is what I bought from my local hydro shop.

    As for the Soil Moist, it's reeeeally easy to find. I myself bought a generic equivelant called "Polymer Wetting Agent" from my local hydro shop. A pound of the generic stuff went for $12.95. Since it's the same thing I recommend the generic equivelant when possible to save some money. It's literally a small white rough crystal that absorbs water. It's meant to be mixed into soil to help with the retention of water.

    I'll keep updating this as I go further into flowering. I can't really smell much O.N.A outside of my closet (or anything else for that matter!) but there is a mild smell of O.N.A in my closet. You definitely can't smell the distinct smell of flowering plants. =)
  7. +rep
    nice diy
  8. Nice looking forward to hearing how this works out,. How many plants you flowering?
  9. I started with 2 flowering plants but one turned out to be a male. Now I'm down to 1 very large clone. The bucket is taking care of the smell of this one plant so far. It's complete elimination of all odor and I've been flowering since January 9th. The smell should get stronger though so I'm curious to see how well it works in full flower.

    I also plan on testing this bucket when I dry my herb, too!

    My next grow will consist of 3 plants so I'm hoping this bucket works out just as well. A user named Makichr thought it might be a good idea to put a carbon filter on the intake of the fan so I'm working on introducing that to the design as well. I will post a DIY of it when it's complete of course.
  10. Thank you for posting this. I think I'll experiment with this idea during my grow in a couple of weeks. +rep
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    Thanks a lot man. I appreciate the rep and positive words. Keep checking up on this because I will be updating this thread as I go further and further into flowering.
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    yeah I bet the carbon filter is over kill... but its a great idea... maybe test it

    got my bucket & fan all set got the polymer just waiting for the liquid ONA
  13. Nice! Did you get that same Honeywell fan? It's a pretty good fan that doesn't generate much heat. You'll notice the motor doesn't heat up very often, even under stress.

    I've been experimenting with turning the fan around to expel air out out of the bucket instead of pulling it in. I need a fresh nose or two to come in and tell me what they can (or hopefully can't) smell but I believe it also works pretty well, though not as well. It does dry the gel more slowly though. Keep me posted about how well your setup is working for you. =)
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    UPDATE #1

    I've been flowering since Sunday January 9th and the main cola is an inch long. I took a picture of one of the lower buds to give you an idea of the progress. The smell is strong when I have the O.N.A bucket off, but it vanishes within 5 minutes of me turning it on. 2 1/2 weeks in and the smell is still under complete control for 1 flowering plant.

    I also should comment on O.N.A concentrate consumption. I've found that 1 bottle of O.N.A concentrate (32OZ/1L) will last about 3 months easy. You'll end up spending another $17 every 3 months. The Soil Moist polymer is completely reusable.

    A good tip is to keep an old water bottle filled 3/4 of the way with tap water and the last 1/4 with O.N.A concentrate near the bucket. Whenever you feel you need to boost the scent, just pour some or all of the bottle in and put the fan back on.

    Also keep in mind that you can have the fan blowing air out of the bucket instead of sucking it into the bucket. It seems to take longer to clean the air but it's also effective and it dries the soil moist polymer a bit slower too. It's worth testing in your own setup.


    I'll update in another two or so weeks! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and rep! I appreciate it and I hope that one day I can return the favor.
  15. wow strong... over powering

  16. lol yeah the first few days after you mix the first batch the smell is pretty strong. The scent of the concentrate goes away though but it keeps tearing through odors. I keep a 16OZ bottle of tap water mixed with about 2-4OZ of the ONA on hand. I pour in roughly 1/4 - 1/3 of it every 3-5 days.

    The smell of the O.N.A hasn't been as strong since my first batch even though I've been adding extra concentrate.
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    well that's good because I had to put the bucket out side for a day its so strong. now i have this bucket running in my living room where the litter box is and let me tell ya .... the only thing I smell is fresh linen.....till i turn off the fan then it will last about 5 minutes then dissipate. my first fan was too powerful and too loud, the second one is so quite i can't hear it if my computer is on & it blows gently on the polumer, win win in my book.

    the ona can defiantly be cut down. 4:1 four parts h2o : one part ona
    I used about a cup of the ona at first way too much

    I switched my girls to 12n12 on the 18th of January I plan on harvesting on saint patricks day :D
    good ol green luck
    i'll keep ya informed;)

  18. Whoah! You, sir, have guts! I started with a quarter cup of O.N.A myself and I thought that might have been too much. If you turn the fan around to blow air out of the bucket the smell will be weaker but it should make the scent tolerable until it dies down a bit.

    Of course the best way to have the fan seems to be sucking air into the bucket. Thanks for updating me on your build! I'm glad to see it's kicking ass and taking names. =)
  19. I'm now into the fourth week of flowering and guests visiting the room with my grow closet can't detect any scent of pot with the bucket on the lowest setting. My camera is poor quality so I use a small magnifying glass to focus the lense a bit more.


  20. nice work with the magnifying glass. dude this Oder control system work great a+a+a+



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