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Diy Make Your Own Pipe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lunaticjack, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. This is the sturdiest and most dependable pipe I've ever had. The body is made from 1/2 inch brass, while the bowl removes excess heat from the system, before any smoke reaches the brass. The pipe can easily be disassembled to clean, and the bowl is 19mm. I used a rubber washer with an interior hole slighly smaller than 1/2 so that I could make a tight seal between the bowl and the metal pipe. I had to cut out a hole that was marginally smaller than 1/2 inch from the washer, but after a bit of work, it was worth the work. I then glued the rubber washer to the metal with gurilla glue, then cut away any excess inside the pipe.
    Before I integrated the rubber washer, I wrapped duct tape around the base of the perc/bowl to make threads within the pipe. It was a temporary quick fix that would last 1-3 weeks, but the rubber washer is much easier to remove and is more permanent.
    I had to put something around the shaft of the pipe to stabilize it, so I decided to use a couple of those weight securers for dumbells. It fit inside the hole, but it was too big. What to do? Make some duct tape threads! I never had to replace the duct tape on the shaft, so it works pretty well considering its ~8 months old.
    It is nearly indestructible, save for the glass bowl. I also used some plumbers tape (the white, nonsticky tape) to wrap the shaft on each end. This seals away any excess water from the perc from spilling in your lap. Also, you can take the bowl off and put the pipe in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It'll make it hit that much smoother.


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  2. Looks like a victorian steam dildo

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  3. I just died laughing lol.
  4. thats fucking great. what is that creature on your finger, looks like it would raise hell but i want one
  5. I bet i could break that thing if i dropped it. Sturdy my ass!! This is sturdy.....

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  6. It's a finger monkey. Sadly, it's not real. I found that pic on my phone years ago and decided it was appropriate for this site.
  7. It's pretty damn sturdy. I've bumped it several times with my feet, and it didn't fall over. What kind of metal are you smoking? Stainless Steel? I would be a little more cautious when putting flame directly to metal; hence why I opted for a glass perc/bowl. Sure, if you dropped it, it may break depending on the surface, angle and distance. I can pretty much guarentee this though: it is 100% safe and it has cost me way less than a large, expensive piece.

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