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DIY Magic Flight Launch Box...

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by dragonriot, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. This thread will evolve slowly, as I cut, attach, drill, saw, and fit pieces together. Today I went shopping, and bought 1 foot of #8 solid copper wire, a 3"x12" piece of bronze 30 screen, a 4"x12" scrap of acrylic, and a 4 pack of rechargeable AA batteries.

    I have to search my garage for a suitable block of wood to use for the box, but after I find that, I have all the necessary tools to build my own Launch Box. I'm going to modify the original a little bit, starting with the copper contacts to the battery will go to the ends of the battery, not over the top for negative like the Launch Box. The battery will end up snapping in from either the back or bottom, and the plastic cover will be held on by a screw, rather than the tension spring. It will be a one-off thing, I just want to build my own that is entirely self contained rather than having the battery stuck out the side.
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    Please do this. A dremel seems ideal. I very well may do this myself... I have the VaporGenie, which is great, but a bit of a hassle to make sure the flame temp is right. Why not build something to do that for me? Have you thought about heat control, like just a small potentiometer to control the amount of power?

    EDIT: or just tinker until you find the right resistor?
  3. Nice idea... If yours works out, i'd def do this myself as well.

    And @Heisenberg, the way the launchbox works is you just hold the battery in until the bowl is vaporized and then you draw, so the temp control is up to the user (takes a little practice to get a perfect hit)

    :Subscribed: :)
  4. I was thinking of doing this myself actually.

    I love my launchbox and I doubt I could make something as small and functional, but I could definitely use the ideas it has given me to create my own larger one.

    I really wanna see a step by step if you do that. No matter what though post pics!


  5. That was my thought... it's not going to be as small and hidey... but it will be just as functional and it will just be a rectangle, nothing sticking out the sides unless you put a draw tube on it.

    I'll definitely post pics... I need to get the router set up and figure out how to weld the bronze screen to the copper sticks... everything else is easy, and kinda self explanatory.... I could just hand carve the damn thing, since I'm only making one... but that might take me a while to carve the trench... lol
  6. What kind of wood is used that won't burn at those temp's?
  7. if i could find a video id be able to lend some suggestions but idk how one works :/
  8. If you get pictures up, this will be dope.
  9. Yea and think of the possibilities, you can make one that uses bigger batteries so you can get more hits out of a battery, and even make it so you can hook up a DC wall adapter.
  10. What kind of heating element are you going to use?
  11. Pretty sure he is trying to mimic the way heat is drawn across the screen on a Launch Box.
  12. can i make a suggestion use a rc car battery they are power full and rechargeable and some are small

  13. Need to go get some silver solder... it's the stuff used on copper plumbing, so it's not supposed to be toxic or leach any lead into the pipes. I need it to "weld" the bronze screen to the 1/8" copper electrodes. After that, it's just getting the thing assembled and still portable. I'm kinda broke right now... so I'm not too worried about building this as much as I'm worried about getting a job. lol
  14. understandable... good luck with that.:)

    I have a question, though. Would you just have to attach the electrodes to the battery, and use the screen to complete the circuit? Would that draw heat across the whole screen?

  15. I'd really like to use a computer power supply since I have many of those.

    I will think about doing this but I need a vacation first.
  16. is it really as easy as heating a pipe screen by running the some power though a circuit of of batteries?

    how much volts and amperage is needed?
    just batteries to screen and back around nothing else needeD?

    if so ima make this asap
    please post back with more details?
    or could anyone know or have link to how lunchbox original works on a technical side?
  17. Im about to purchase a mflb and have been contemplating on builting one for weeks but if i can figure out how to build it before i buy it i'm not even buying one.
  18. If i'm not mistaken, all it is a circuit that has a wire that goes from the negative side of the battery, then that wire is connected to a mesh screen, on the other side of the screen there is another wire which leads to the positive side of the battery, basically just making a short circuit...

    PS - don't use thin wire
  19. you wouldnt be short circuiting ud jus be completing the circuit.

    but how much power is needed???

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