DIY light mover for about $12

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by snappahead, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone,

    If your looking for a fun and cheap little light mover project you may want to look into these motors / gearboxes. Reversible High Torque Turbo Worm gearbox Geared Motor DC 12V Motors 0.6RPM-120

    I ended up getting the 2rpm motor but the .6 rpm may be even better for our use. I have it running off a 12V nintendo power supply along with my led fans. I used deans connectors for all the plugs (rc car battery pack stuff) It has no problem moving the light 18". I'm in the middle of building a light for it so I don't have any final pics of it hooked up.

    Its a simple idea tho, you just need a piece of square aluminum rod with a a few holes drilled in it, threaded for the motor setscrew and some threaded to make your actual mover adjustments. I just used some 1x2 glued and screwed to make the bracket and a hose clamp to attach the motor. The bracket will be screwed into the wall.

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