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  1. Has anyone here attempted to build their own 1000w led light board before. Im torn up between buying one for convenience or building one for something to do.
    What are the pros and cons.
    What types of results have been seen?
    I have a back ground in electronics so wiring is no issue.
    Please advise.
    Oh and im off work due to a motorcycle crash so time is all i have haha.

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    The biggest pro of building your own is cost. The second great factor is to be able to perfectly size your fixture for your space for the best coverage. There's just a lot of effort involved in figuring out the perfect methods and part combos.

    IMO it's not really worth it anymore to source parts and build with the larger wattage lower cost kits that are available. Most people grow in a 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 area. It's much better to have two smaller lights then one large fixture. You'll get better coverage and they'll be twice as reliable having two drivers, ect.

    You can save $25 on assembly, build them yourself and run two-3 of these. They will cover about what a traditional 1000 watt vented hood does.

    Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit

    If you really want to build your own light you can get the boards here and figure out the perfect driver for 4 in series.
    QB304 Quantum Board

    If those look expensive the rapid vero kits are up to 265 watts with the 2100 driver and will bloom a 2x3 for $220.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit

    You can add a far red kit or a far red/uv bar.
    4' Photo/Far Red Supplement LED Kit

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  3. Perfect thanks for the information. I have absolutely nothing else to do. Ill look more into both options awhile longer.

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  4. So I have decided on building a light. 2 x drivers with output voltage of 286v should be able to drive 16 cobs. Run 8 for veg 16 fo flower. Seems legit.?.

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  5. What cobs are you planning on using?
  6. 1503450824817.png
    These are the ones here. Its a china brand but...then again what isnt made in china anymore.

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  7. The best leds aren't made in China for the most part. Look at some Citizen 1212's or Vero29's.
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  9. Good point....very good point actually. My local led part store has a bunch of top notch cobs. I shoukd spend the little extra cash and buy those. Or even just start out with a 500w. Then add onto it later.. I had planned it out where i could use 16 30w full spectrum cobs, but had 8 on one switch and the other 8 off another switch for when i need more light its there and available. Ill start with my original idea of the design, but use 500w and just mark out for the additional lights in the future. I dont think ill actually need 1000w i. A 2x2x6 anyway.

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  10. Question @tbone..I do not relish the idea of remove a cap and turning an adjustment cap for dimming..any way to hook up a rheostat to do the job..TIA ?
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  11. if your going cobs may as well one stop shop at king brite and online seller from they have top bin vero 29's and hlg drivers and accessories to go with. and will save you a good chunk of change compared to buying at a shop that would often have a bin below for a little bit higher price. they ship dhl only. for myself it was $40 usd. and arrived in 4 days from literally the other side of the world

    I made two 4 cob lights ( wanting one cob per square foot, so 16 cobs per 4x4) ran on a hlg 320h-c2100a which maxes out the driver for a more efficient constant current running. total wattage is 320w, dimmable to 151watts. I went the diy route and per light cost me $550 canadain to get it running. but more to say at 151watts I can turn on or off my 400watt hps and not notice much of a difference in light.
    here's light one. I used 1/16"-3/4" aluminum angle, pc heat sinks

    and light two I went passive this time in hopes of eventually making a vented hood for it as these lights put off about 4-12f in a 4x4 tent. aswell either a cob holder or tapping the heat sinks will do good. you can use heat past as the sole mounting option. on light two I ended up going that route for two of the cobs since the heat sink aluminum is so gummy it just clogs drill bits and freezes taps. but the paste allows the cob to slide around

    overall I'm happy with them. I'm thinking about quantum borads in the future, but as for right now the conversion rate from cad to usd is pricing them too far out of reach for me.
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  12. I've had 3 orders through Horticultural Lighting Group's website so I was just going to go through there when they came in. I want to add a second qb260. They're still sold out but grower's lights I noticed yesterday said in stock for the first time I've seen.
  13. I think you can add a dimmer but usually you're supposed to buy the B type driver for remote dimming and the A type for built in pot's. I'm not experienced enough an LED builder to know about adding on dimmers. I specifically try to get the built in ones to make it easy. I didn't want to mess with building a remote one. I'd rather just get it dialed in where it's running with good temps and call it good.
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  14. There is a tone of options here. Wow. I have a 2x2x5 tent. 500w would probably be more than enough light. But later down the road i may want to add more. I have a friend who is going to lend me his 600w hps light... But im not sure i will like it as much as cob.

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  15. You only need about 200 watts for a 2x2 max, 150 would probably work. 40-45 watts per square is good. I would discourage a 5' tent unless it's for veg only. It's tough to work in a space that short. 6' or 80" tall tents are where it's at for budding. You need that headroom.

    6" of space between light and top of tent minimum. 6" of thickness of fixture minimum. 18" light distance minimum. 12" of pot height. How much is left in 5' for a plant? Those are all very tight distances too. You may find you need 20-24" of light distance to some plants or you can't get your light that tight to the top of the tent. 5' isn't much space.
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