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  1. so I have decided to try and build an LED grow light. I want to make something the equivalent of a Marshydro 600w. My only issue is I have very little experience with this kinda stuff. Does anyone here know what they are doing in regards to building LED lights and could you could help me choose the right parts?

    I understand I will need a driver, heat sinks, fans and LEDs/COBs.
  2. Check out GrowMau5 on YouTube and this website to start ( DIY kits - Rapid LED )

    PS - Not trying to advertise for anyone. Jus remember looking up info and GrowMau5 taught me alot of stuff I needed to learn in order to build my own light. I jus don't want to see people spending $1000 on a prebuilt LED when others are accomplishing great, comparable results with cheaper DIY Kits.

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  3. RapidLED has kits where they've already chosen the correct parts for you. All you do is put it together. They're really pretty inexpensive IMO. Almost $1 a watt.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit
  4. I think this is the best kit you can get right now and I'm running one but they're really hard to get. I think it's about 3 weeks for new parts to come in now. This light is unbelievably bright for the wattage.
    260W QB LED Kit
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  5. Ive just found him on YouTube. It's very helpful thanks
  6. If you look in growmau5's latest videos he's building lights with quantum boards now from the last link I gave you.
  7. Quantum Boards are phenomenal, but yea...getting one can be difficult because they are really changing the game. Better light distribution means less shadowing means more light photons hitting the leaves. Basically all the same stuff they advertise, but the science is sound.

    I have also seen a couple of DIY QBs and they seem promising. I just haven't found any that have had thorough testing done on them so I can see output specs and PAR readings.

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  8. LED gardener just did a par test review on them.
  9. I think his test would have turned out better in a tent. QB boards are known to scatter light really well and the lenses are recommend if you use them in an open area to direct more light downward. In a tent though the lenses aren't needed. He would have got higher numbers in a tent or with reflective material all around.
  10. Growmau5 got 1.69 grams/watt out of his first harvest with the QB lights and the grow didn't even go that well. It's his highest g/watt figure of the last 4-5 grows.

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