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  1. Hey im starting to plan stuff out for my next grow and im looking into building some new DWC buckets. Im growing in a 2'x2' closet and im hoping to get 3 plants in there. My problem is all the diy plans i find are for single site grows and im hoping to put all 3 in one bucket to save some space. I was just wondering if anyone knew of some good plans they could suggest for me before i create my own. Also originally i wanted to go ebb and flow but couldnt find a system that would work with my limited space. Any help there would be even more greatly appreciated.
  2. I've been looking at this system to do my first DWC grow, think it would work well for you, too.

    SH Hydroponics, Inc. > DWC Basic Kit

    Pretty cheap, why bother building your own.
  3. I do believe im gonna go ahead and take 3 lol. Thats a great price and its only about 10 bucks more than it would cost to build anyways. little extra to save some hassle is fine lol. Any info on a small or micro ebb and flo is still greatly appreciated.
  4. The only thing I would consider with this unit is to figure a way to partition off the reservoir so the roots won't get entangled. There is a thread on here somewhere about a guy that built a partition.....I couldn't find it.

    You really want to keep the root systems compartmentalized.
  5. I am growing in a 3 X 4 shower.

    10 G tote from aerocustoms including spraybar/pump with 4 X 4" sites- $65. Additional cost if you want hydroton, nets, bubblers, etc, but I already had those items

    Mainlandmart has good prices on foggers- make sure to order replacement discs!


    Windshield Reflecter to wrap around the tote to concentrate the light

    Aeroponic- bubblers/fog and spraybar

    This system rocks and will produce up to 4 sweet plants

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