DIY Guide to wiring a PC power box for stealth (PIX!!!!!)

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  1. I have been trying to do this for the longest time and it just came to me last night. I dont know why I never though to do this.

    I am making a stealth dresser and I wanted to put a gutted PC on top to hold the exhaust and electrical stuff. I re wired it so that the only cord coming from the entire setup will be the one that is supposed to come from the computer so nothing looks fishy at all.

    1. First I removed the power box and opened it up. Just unscrew the board on leave nothing but what you see here. That just the outlet socket, and its small circuit with the switch. You will have to remove the white connector tip for this to work.

    plug 3.jpg

    2. In this picture I have removed everything and connected the tip that were in the white connectors to about two feet of 8/12 power cable lamp cord.

    plug 2.jpg

    3. The other end is connected to this socket connector. Its very easy to use and cheap too which is better. LOL.

    plug 1.jpg

    4. Then just put it back on the box. I covered the tips for safety and this works no problem. No I can put my power strip INSIDE the box and not have wires sticking out of everything.

    plug 4.jpg

  2. I was :rolleyes:thinking and thinking:rolleyes: myself while designing my own pc grow box. Came to the SAME conclusion...bring in the power as usual (looks natural) and distribute it on the INSIDE. Came across this post searching for a few ideas....and TO ALL READERS, this does work.:hello: Just be careful and make sure you have zero defects in your connections/wiring. TAPE,TAPE,TAPE.

    ***on another note, I used the coupling style connectors instead of the wire nuts. Gives it a more effiecent and above all a SAFER connection.;) (to each, his own)

    Working on re-wiring my pc fans for air flow. It's a good thing I tested a smaller fan...burnt the fan motor clean up :D:D. As soon as I gave the little guy TOO MUCH POWER, I could SMELL IT.

    GOOD LUCK ALL and remember to research, research, research - THATGUY79

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