DIY growcab with pics (input?)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by StarfallSeven, May 20, 2010.

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    As you can see from the, there's some light leaking out. I intend to fix this next pay day. I paid $10 for an old bookshelf from a thrift store, ripped out the shelves, recycled the wood, and added a few more pieces.


    Right now I'm running 7 CFLs, totaling around 173 actual watts. I'm in the process of building a pvc CFL fixture, which I expect to be done around Friday, bringing the total watts up to around 200.


    The plants had a rough start, as this is my first grow and I've looked at it as more of a learning experience (bagseed). For about a week there was no growth beyond sprouting, and the initial leaves started looking really bad. I added more light, lowered what was there, and purchased a higher quality soil. Now they're growing at an astonishing rate.

    Since I originally intended to SCROG, I had planned on trashing these three once I got my class time in... but they've made such a resurgence, I can't help but want to keep them.

    Suppose I get rid of one of them and start the scrog process. If one of the two remaining ends up being male, would it be too much of a hastle untangle it from the screen/other plant?

    Or should I just scratch all three, order high dollar fem genetics, and eat the time loss?


    Thanks for reading folks! All advice and criticism is welcome.
  2. Setup looks good. What are you doing for air flow?

    Where do you buy the adapters to plug your bulbs into a power strip like that? I could really use a few...!
  3. I got plugs like that from Lowes.
  4. Looks good. I see flowering plants in your future. Go light on the nutrients.
  5. I got those at walmart for around a buck and a quarter.

    For airflow I'm using an 80mm desktop case fan and an old fan from a busted xbox 360 :laughing:
  6. If you haven't seen my thread, you might check it out. (in sig) The similarities between my first (curing now :) ) grow and yours are striking. Right down to the "these were just practice but now I want to keep them" part. I say keep them! You will probably make more mistakes. We all do. Don't be concerned about your yield, just try and GET a yield. Don't worry about the scrog decision yet. You have lots of time before you need to decide. I went with it last minute (as in when I flipped to 12/12) and it worked out nicely for me.

    Very nice job so far!

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