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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MarquisGemini, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I would like to build a closed off, light tight grow room with 4 walls, a roof and a floor.

    The dimentions will be-
    Length - 3 METERS (300 cms, 9.8 ft)
    Depth - 1.5 METERS (150 cms, 4.9 ft)
    Height - 2 METERS (200 cms, 6.5 ft)

    It must be light proof, that is my only requirement other than the dimentions and the obvious (I'm not gonna build something that'll only support 1 KG).

    Approximately how much will it cost to make this with reliable materials? JUST the room not the interior, plants, seeds, JUST the room :)

    If it's more than $150 Australian dollars then I might go with a tent.
  2. well... you'd really be able to figure that part out easier than us...

    visit your local building supply store and look up prices...
    this also depends on tools on hand and experience building things...

    there are definite advantages to having a real grow space rather than a tent..
    sound proofing is much better with a room rather than a tent...
    tents lock in heat
    you cant have a high cfm rated fan in a tent... it will suck the sides in

    the advantage with a tent
    its portable
    has pre-built ports and zippers for easy access..

    if i had my choice... i'd build my own... even if the cost was close...but im handy... and I know i can get material for cheap... and I own my own home... so it just looks like im remodeling...

    so, we don't know your prices... you'd have to find a grower from down under to help you spec things out... couldn't cost much

    screws and nails
    paint or mylar
    a door
    some ducting connectors for venting(not needed but I overdo things)

    I saw another thread the guy built a whole room out of foam board and 2x2's...

    so get some prices from down under and convert the prices to US and standard sizes and you might get more help...

    good luck
  3. not sure, but I have built many rooms and its usually like this - if you already have a room its easier all you got to do is seal it up good, if not you need to build one

    if you are building a room with a door of course say you will have 2 1000 watt lights, I have figured its about $5000 USD to get everything you need for the whole crop from start to finish including the building of the room

    that gets you the room built - the equipment needed - the fertilizer needed - and the most important thing to remember, the power bill paid for the next 4-6 months until you start making money back

    of the many rooms I have seen built or helped in that was about the cost of everything including power at a cost of about 15-22 cents per kilowatt hour

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