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  1. First post, gotta say I fucking love this forum. Pretty friendly environment overall, but that's expected(;

    Anyways, a friend of mine broke the last glass piece we had left and I'm not tryna buy a new bong for a while so I've decided I'm going to make one. I've got a round bottom pyrex flask and I'm trying to drill a 3/4 inch hole for my downstem bowl from my bubbler. Any advice? Diamond drill bit, but sizes and other advice would be greatly appreciated! If anything is missing I will add feel free to ask away as I'm pretty stoned and I might have forgotten/missed something
  2. uh good luck not cracking or shattering the glass
  3. Please make sure you dont put pressure onto the drill. Keep it steady and let the drill do all of the work. Also clean it like 20 times after. You dont want small shards of glass in your lungs.
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  4. do you recommend a specific tool, drill bit or technique to prevent it from cracking? appreciate the advice
  5. drill, diamond drill bit. Let the drill move slowly and keep it steady and straight. Let the weight of the drill be all that is pressing onto the glass. Keep water on the surface that youre drilling so the glass doesnt heat up
  6. There are a lot of youtube vids on drilling into pyrex. I'd watch a few first. It doesn't matter what shape they're drilling into on the vids, so don't try to look for one specifically about drilling into a pyrex beaker. Pyrex is a pyrex, regardless of the shape, and it's a bit different than regular glass.
  7. I can't seem to find a drill bit that is 3/4 inches, any suggestions? closest is 1/2 but that's a little small so anyway i could make the hole bigger?
  8. you wouldn't happen to know what size drill bit to use, would u? 3/4 would be perfect but near impossible to find, 1/2 is close but how would I go about making it bigger?
  9. I think you may be over your head here
  10. help me out pleae))): desperate times
  11. It would be so much easier to buy a $30 bong. But can you not find a drill bit on the Internet?

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  12. If ur going to buy drill bits then just get yourself a piece?

    Either way I've done this before when I was in 8th grade

    I had a shitty broken Bong that had a grommet and downstem that we're still useable

    I found a glass vinegar bottle at the grocery store and drilled a hole in it with a diamond bit under running water which took forever

    Then I realized that the hole I made was too small for the grommet so I filed the hole with a metal file and got it to fit just right

    In the end it looked real legit honestly all it had were glass threads at the top where the cap screwed in

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