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    Item list of materials.

    2 Large rubbermaids
    1 small container ]half the size of rubbermaids if possible
    X [x= Amount of number] light fixtures
    2 Fans [ exhaust and sucker] gonna need to buy Ipod Usb Wall Charging piece and stick the usb fans or outlet plugs you dont use but trust. last thing you want is your work to be undone or burnt to a smoldering dust.
    1 carbon scrubber
    Nylons or screen window mesh thingy[ or whatever means necessary for a screen]
    Whatever else you see fit to stick in

    if you have any questions or suggestions, fire away

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  2. Looks good man, I do something similar for the plants I'm flowering as I don't have another room for flowering, I pull the plant drop it into a 55 gallon trash and place a smaller container on top simialr to what you did. That way I can veg 6-10 plants and flower one. I havn't actually gotten to try it yet, but it has been running for a few days just to insure that the temps stay where I want em.
    The only difference is my intake blows in from directly across from the exahust with a small divider so the intake air hits it and disperses before being exauhsted. I'll try and take some pics after I get my morning rituals done.
  3. Awesome. The only thing that im unsure of is the carbon scrubber being an exhaust. If i can use it as an exhaust it would greatly reduce the fan sound for my C scrubber is loud enough as it is.

    Hmmm where should i put the non CS exhaust?
  4. Bump!!!!

  5. naw man ur CS should be enough for a fan, it's just a small box, plus if you put another fan in you'll be blowing out unscrubbed, stinky air.

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