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  1. Hi all. Just wanted to share my build and welcome feedback / opinions to help in any way.

    So far the problems I've faced with using the fogger is:

    A) atomizer warms the res significantly. To counter this I only run it 15 mins every 2 hrs and then every 3 hrs lights off.

    B) the atomizer I purchased is cheap as it's a test one but in being so, it has led lights which cannot be good for roots or water. I haven't noticed any effect as of yet but have separated the res from root chamber

    C) the fog is fan forced into the root chamber which creates enough pressure to rise through my hydroton balls and up the plants stem. This could promote stem rot and the added humidity to the lower growth can't be good. I've since added a reflective bubble wrap guard to keep moisture below the net pot. I'll keep an eye on the stem as it progresses.

    Again, please feel free to comment on anything or ask questions.

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  2. Nice setup are you going to do a full grow in that setup? Have you ever done this before? You should have used a smaller netcup and a neapream plug so the mist doesn't escape so easily. I think when the plant get older and has a lot of roots you will need more atomizers. I would take some black acrlick model pant and pant over the lights. IMG_4232.JPG IMG_4252.PNG
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  3. Thank you so much for the feedback. This is the first I've tried and I am hoping to go full grow. I wish I had have known the fog would rise up through the cup so easily. I have smaller netcups sitting there and everything... Oh well, I will fix it up.

    I'll get more atomizers if needed and good idea regarding the led lights. Thanks again mate. I take it you do similar?
  4. I just put together my first high pressure aeroponic setup a couple days ago. I'm also in the middle of my first hydro grow as well. I read somewhere about the led's somewhere. I looked into what your doing before I found HPA and decided to do that.
  5. I have done low pressure aero and then a dwc combo bucket but wasn't worth the hassle. The more I read into fogponics and hpa the more I regret it haha not too many successful grows around the place
  6. I think I managed to dial the fogponics in finally. It's only been one day, but this seedling is still standing upright. I have tested a few and this is the longest one has lasted.


    Because my timer is just a 15 minute dial type I've had to run it 15 on / 15 off. Its just long enough for the roots not to dry out. I've been swapping the test subjects out of my dwc tote to recover.


    Front left is a blueberry I'm trying to save in case anyone was wondering lol

  7. 15 min on and off is to long in both aspects. They have cheep timers that will do 10+ seconds on and 10+ seconds off. I'm running 2 seconds on and 200 seconds off this is the same plant from my previous post.

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  8. I'm actually going to purchase an inkbird timer on pay day to do shorter mists. I've been trying this one before resorting to spending money.

    She turned into a monster that's for sure! Is it outside?
  9. 100% outside after cloning. The roots got infested with bugs so I tryed to drown and wash them off. I just used the hose than rinsed it's with pHed water. That was two days before that picture. So it's still going strong. How much are you spending on a timer? I built a 12v timer because I'm all 12v all ready. It cost $20 for the timer $15 power supply $6 for solid state solenoid solenoid and $1 for a fly back diode and $10 for a enclosure. image.jpg image.jpg I don't think aeroponics is hard. This is my first grow ever. In fact it's easier than hydro. Because all You do is fill the Rez with pHed nutrient solution. I use about 10 gallons a weak for the one plant. I definitely can get away with 5 gallons a weak.
    You said you have a adomiser let's see a picture of it.
  10. Here's the timer I'm going to get. As soon as I'm paid.... Just need to wire it up to a power outlet and she's good to go.


    Babies are sleeping at the moment but here's the atomizer I got.


    I run DWC buckets outside, but only for some fruit n veg I was testing them out with. I dug the buckets into the ground to keep res cool.


    Thanks for ya help and feedback mate. Appreciate it.
  11. I think that atomizer is to small to do a full grow with. You probably would need at least 3 of them for a full grow. You ever consider switching to high pressure aeroponics? If so I can help you with that.
  12. I have thought about it alot.. not quite ready to pull the pin yet. Might get some coin from my dwc plants and reassess my situation. If you hear from me you'll know I'm ready to step up haha

    Seriously more fog then that? It fills the root chamber pretty easily when its going, well looks like it does. How thick does that fog need to look??
  13. Why do you have to take them out of the system what happens to them?
  14. I was trying different off times. Minimum is 15 mins which is what I'm trying now. It's survived pretty well but still think it's too long wait and roots are drying out enough to stop further growth. Kinda like it's in limbo lol
  16. Yup. Fogger is on the back burner until I get that sorted. In the meanwhile I found this Play-Doh tub when I was cleaning up the shed.


    If I put the atomizer in middle compartment, and put maybe 4 holes in lid either side, should make a cool little cloner.

    Thanks for helping me out mate, I really appreciate it. Will be back with a Play-Doh fog cloner and hopefully a minute timer controlled fogmonster!!
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  17. Hey Guys Ive been wanting to get into hydroponics. ive made a diy bubble bucket (not best but first attempt, i wanna try to have a mister with a air pump and i wanted to make two, one for seedlings, another for a full plant.

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  18. Trying to do extremely cheap but efficient. DIY basically if anyone has good ideas of how to go about it

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  19. I am looking to get into it as well.
    Jtrjesse has been giving me some really great advise.

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