Diy fire suppression?

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Inthedirt4good, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hello, Just wonderin if anyone has tried something like a sprinkler system or CO2 fire suppression system in say a mostly controlled atmosphere space.. large or small? (small)

    I am not suggesting that i am building one or even could since i'm definitely not a professional... I do have probably a healthier than normal fear of fire.
  2. I used to design sprinkler systems...
    If you were to take a large-ish bucket, attach a nipple to the bottom, and attach a sprinkler head to the bottom of that, you could drill a hole over the fire-prone area, and put the sprinkler head through, and it should work.

    Sprinkler heads work because a cap is held in place by a piece of glass with alcohol in it (the little red part.) when that breaks, the cap is dislodged by the water pressure, and the water comes out. I guess you could even hook it up to a hose or something.

    Interesting idea!!! You could probably find some sprinkler heads on ebay. I'd buy more than one so you can test it out first, but it should work.

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