DIY Ebb n Flow

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  1. I have a setup that I have made and just wondering if some of you have any tips.
    1 setup in 1x1x2M with 600W HPS in aerowing and 4 18L pots filled with pebles. 
    This setup have a pump filling the pots 24/7 with water from a 80L reservoir, 1600ppm ghe.
    Next setup is a 1,2x1,2x2M with 600W HPS without aerowing and a tray 1x1x0.18M filled with pebles.
    This setup have a pump flooding the tray 6 times every day from a 80L reservoir, 1600ppm ghe.
    Week 3 of 12/12 starting on xmas eve.
    You can also see on the one picture that I had to remove one child to open a clogged draining hole in the tray.. hehe :)
    Added a pic of the mother in homemade 18L soil mix, newly trimmed down to a minimum ;)


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